#DF13 Social Recap of Day 2 at Dreamforce

Social Recap of #df13 Day 2

During the keynote on Tuesday, Marc Benioff confirmed the attendance of Dreamforce this year was 135,000 people. On Tuesday, Salesforce also live streamed the keynote sessions to an additional 10,000+ people, which in total is an increase of 55,000 people over last year! The live stream included all of the keynote presentations with Marc Benioff in the morning and Marissa Mayer in the evening. While day 1 saw an impressive 24,922 #DF13 tweets, day 2 produced even more of a reaction from attendees with over 41,000 tweets!

Since there were only 90,000 attendees at Dreamforce last year, I was curious how #DF13 compared to #DF12, so I compared the two using Topsy.com. During the month of September in 2012 the #DF12 hashtag was used a total of 116,212 times with the peak day being Wednesday, September 18 with 31,181 tweets. So far #DF13 has already seen 92,513 tweets in November with yesterday being the biggest day with 41,887 tweets.

Tweets peaked Tuesday morning during @Benioff’s keynote which started off as interviews with Haiti volunteers Petra Nemcova and Sean Penn who discussed their charities along with Laurent Lamothe, the prime minister of Haiti. During Marc’s introduction of Salesforce1 there were 13,096 #DF13 tweets from 10 am – 12 pm. Here’s the full graph of the day:

DF13 Tweets from Tuesday, November 19th from Dreamforce

During his speech on charity and philanthropy, this stood out to us and was one of our favorite quotes from @Benioff’s speech:

Oh, and don’t forget the awesome segues provided by @Huey_Lewis_News during the keynote who performed their hits from Back to the Future! During the evening keynote with Marissa Mayer, this image of Marissa with Marc Benioff (and his amazing shoes) via R Ray Wang made the rounds, making @rwang0 one of the most mentioned Twitter handles on Tuesday:

The most retweeted user of the day goes to Vala Afshar who was live tweeting throughout the keynote sessions which garnered him 1,150 retweets. Here’s one of the gems he tweeted during Marissa’s interview:


Dreamforce Day 2 ended with the Gala, held at AT&T Park with musical guests, Blondie and Green Day and despite the pouring rain and audio issues during Green Day’s set, the audience seemed to be having a great time! Dreamforce attendees were really looking forward to hearing Billie Joe rock out as Green Day was mentioned 1,725 times on Tuesday.

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So, what do you think. Will there be more tweets on day 3?

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