#DF13 Social Recap of Day 1 at Dreamforce

Well, day 1 of one of the largest conferences is officially in the books so it is time for our social recap of day 1 at Dreamforce. With over 120,000 attendees at #DF13 this year, we were sure that people would be bringing the conversation online by taking pictures at the event, tweeting gems heard in sessions and we have not been disappointed! Monday saw just shy of 25,000 tweets from the Dreamforce hive in San Francisco:

Out of the 24,922 tweets, we were curious to see who would be the most mentioned users of #DF13. Using Radian6 we found out that the top three were, not surprisingly, @Dreamforce with 2,322 tweets, @Salesforce with 1,425 tweets and rounding out the top three was @benioff with 552 tweets.

Many of the tweets Marc was mentioned in were from his stroll through the expo hall, which produced many blurry pictures of Marc, but there were quite a few tweets about his appearance on Mad Money with Jim Cramer (who was the 5th most mentioned Twitter name).

While watching the #DF13 stream yesterday, it seemed like many of the tweets contained pictures, Instagrams, Foursquare checkins and Youtube videos, so I took a look at those four URLs to see which media was most popular.

Since Twitter made the update a few weeks ago that images would now be viewed more prominently within users timelines, it shouldn’t come to any surprise that pic.twitter.com took the top spot with 6,984 tweets yesterday. Instagram had 819 tweets, 4sq.com checkins had 382 and Youtu.be links appeared in the #DF13 stream 120 times.

Media Tweets from Day 1 of Dreamforce #DF13

If images were so popular yesterday, which one took the cake? This gem from @Hubspot was retweeted 136 times!

We are getting ready for Day 2 of Dreamforce, where they will also be live streaming the keynote presentations for those who aren’t lucky enough to see the hive in person. Starting at 8:30 am PT, just go to salesforce.com/live to stream the keynote from Marc Benioff himself.

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    I also saw a great session about how the Michael J Fox Foundation uses Radian6 for a variety of purposes. Be sure to catch that video on the Dreamforce channel.

  2. Molly, what a great real-life use case from the Gates Foundation! Here’s an article I found from today that further talks about how Gates Foundation is using Radian6: http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240209282/Case-Study-Gates-Foundation-uses-Radian6-to-listen-good

  3. With 120K people and over 1,000 sessions, multiple developer zones, the Community room, etc. it is impossible to keep up with everything. That’s why this is such a great way to understand the “conversation” that’s going on around what you’re actually seeing/doing. I also went to a great session yesterday where the head of Communications at the Gates Foundation talked about how he used Radian6 to understand why parents in and around Russia weren’t vaccinating their children – and it turned out there were different reasons for mothers and fathers (and per country). With that information they could tailor an outreach message that might help increase the vaccination rate. Listening to the conversation is so valuable!

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