Developing Skills in Your CRM Implementation

DevelopinDeveloping Skills for Change ManagementSo far, we have gone over a few important parts of a successful change management campaign: Communication Plans, Building Momentum, Reporting and Analytics, and Timely selection and Strategic Guard Rails. Today, we will cover the final step in your change management campaign: Developing Skills in your CRM Implementation.

Prep Staff

Preparing fellow staff with the skills they will need to master their new CRM environment is both a good tactical decision as well as helpful with change management. Your primary system administrator(s) and a couple of power users need to be champions of the CRM cause and the plan to execute on the vision. In early stages, these folks will be some of the few people working across business units, which makes them excellent ambassadors for the project.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Too often organizations do not plan ahead – they hold off on obtaining necessary training, or don’t hire a key position until after the project is underway. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that as each milestone of CRM implementation is reached, there’s a transition from implementation to regular usage. This actually is where the rubber meets the road for all of your change management efforts – this is where adoption happens. Don’t let your colleagues get all the way to the finish line, only 
to struggle with picking up the reins and carrying the work forward.

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