Welcome to your nonprofit
CRM readiness workshop


Welcome to CRMready™, the best source of information and insights to prepare your nonprofit organization for CRM.

Below are the videos and resources from this FREE webinar series clearly explaining what CRM is, what it does, and how to make it happen in your organization.


Workshop Webinar 1

CRM: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Make the Case for It at Your Nonprofit

  • Presentation slides – Download
  • Heller Consulting’s CRM Readiness Worksheet – Download
  • Business Intelligence Worksheet to plan to get the most out of your data – Download
  • A summary of our Business Intelligence Whitepaper covering many of the business intelligence applications available today. – Download


Workshop Webinar 2 

Planning Ahead for CRM at Your Nonprofit


Workshop Webinar 3 

How to Make Your Nonprofit’s CRM Implementation a Success

  • Presentation slides – Download
  • Heller Consulting’s Business Intelligence for Nonprofits Whitepaper – Download
  • Heller Consulting’s Integrated Suites Whitepaper – Download


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