Communicating Change Management

Communicating Change Management

By now you know that you need to involve your team for change management to work. Everyone involved with the CRM planning and implementation should be able to give an “elevator pitch” that encapsulates why you are going through this transformation and what it will do for the organization.

It should be crystal clear to everyone that CRM is not a technology project –

“We are doing this because it will allow us to better serve our constituents, better execute our mission, enhance fundraising efficiency and outcomes, and overall increase the impact of our work.”

You need to send the same message repeatedly across the organization. CRM project leadership must constantly champion the CRM cause, and regularly vet stakeholders’ objectives and concerns. Take every opportunity to remind fellow staff why these changes are taking place, how they can help, how it will help them, and what the big picture is.

Communications Plan

Create a Communications Plan that will guide your efforts in communicating change management with your team. A thoughtful Communications Plan is critical to both project team communication and organization wide communication. Components of the Communications Plan should include both schedules for regular project team communications and processes for preparing, approving and executing organization-wide communications. on the next page is a Sample Communications Plan.

Sample Communications Plan for Change Management

However, it’s also absolutely crucial to go beyond this formal communication plan. This formal plan is only the baseline. To really effect change management, many important communications will be unplanned. You’ll have to read your audience, gauge the feelings of your users at different times, and think of innovative and creative ways to communicate, which includes face-to-face conversations, two-way discussions, incorporating feedback loops, repetition and engagement.

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