CMS Platforms: A Guide for Nonprofits

A detailed explanation and review of leading CMS Platforms currently available for nonprofit organizations.

Content Management Systems Review WhitepaperSelecting the right content management system (CMS) to meet your organizational needs can be a daunting process. This paper was created to make the process a little bit easier by doing some of the legwork for you while keeping an eye on the strategic considerations every organization needs to pay attention to on the road to success.

We also included a CMS Feature Worksheet to help you evaluate your priorities and clearly define your CMS needs.

In this paper we describe:

  • How a CMS fits into the technological landscape of a nonprofit organization
  • The factors you should consider when evaluating a CMS
  • Proprietary, open-source, and emerging hybrid CMS options
  • Questions you should ask a CMS consultant to make sure you are getting a system that matches your needs
  • Next steps and additional resources to help you delve deeper into CMS technology


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CMS Systems You’ll Learn About:

  • (Salesforce)
  • PageBuilder (Blackbaud Luminate Online)
  • Blackbaud Luminate CMS
  • Webpage Manager (Blackbaud NetCommunity)
  • Drupal (Open Source)
  • WordPress (Open Source)

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