Integrating Your Nonprofit Beyond Donor Management Using CRM

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Managing donors and fundraising is no simple task. Integrating your nonprofit beyond donor management using CRM (Constituent Relationship Management ) systems can make the work easier by providing a robust set of tools for staying in touch with donors. But that’s not the only thing that CRM can offer an organization.

CRM offers powerful opportunities to integrate an organization around mission management. Likewise, there is a lot that needs to be done internally to keep the lights on in your nonprofit: CRM can be used to integrate operations, too. So, how do you get started?

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The Challenges of Disparate Data in Nonprofits and How to Overcome Them

The article originally posted on the NTEN Connect blog.

Our data is scattered all across our organization!” Sound familiar?

As a consultant for the nonprofit sector, I hear it all of the time from clients. It was also one of the primary challenges I heard when interviewing 30 nonprofits for a recent study on Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) in the nonprofit sector.

When nonprofits talk about disparate data (or data “silos”), they’re usually referring to the use of multiple database systems at their organization. Often, this is the result of many years of adding specific systems to meet specific needs. Sounds harmless enough, right?  It might have been at the time…

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Interconnected Constituent Engagement: Is the CRM Pain Worth the Gain?

7 Things to Think About Before You Implement a Fundraising System

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) seems to be on the lips of nearly everyone in the nonprofit world. Much has been written about the promise of integrated information, tearing down the silos, and more efficient, targeted fundraising campaigns. Of course, this is all true, and the realization of this promise means that the multiple places where your constituents touch you or your mission may finally be consolidated into one continually enriched database.

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Common Ground Discontinued… Change Happens.



The last week brought substantial news for those of us engaged in helping nonprofits with their CRM and fundraising systems.  Blackbaud announced the end of development, and eventually support, for the Common Ground application they purchased in the Convio acquisition.

Discontinuing Common Ground has a major impact, first and foremost for the hundreds of organizations already using the system.  Many have recently adopted the product, often after a lengthy search and implementation process.  Many of the organizations are smaller and have limited time and resources to implement another product in the next 18 months (before March 2014, when support for Common Ground is scheduled to end).  We consultants who serve these types of organizations are developing services and providing resources to help nonprofits make this transition, but this will only soften the landing – the leap will still be required.

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Leveraging Social Media Data Across Your Entire Nonprofit


7 Things to Think About Before You Implement a Fundraising System

Social media typically has been isolated to a particular department (often marketing) within nonprofits. But now, its value can be realized across multiple departments in the organization.

And before you clutch your chest at the idea of your department chairs getting their own Twitter accounts, let me clarify that the rest of the organization will gain value — not from posting content, but from studying the data you can acquire from social media.

Data from social media can help your entire organization make more qualified, more informed, and better decisions.

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