Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits [Tech Tips]

Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits

As the leading Cloud-based CRM solution, is a powerful, flexible system for handling your nonprofit’s data and processes. It’s so powerful and flexible, in fact, that the possibilities for its use can seem endless; it can be helpful to have a few places to turn to for advice and answers to your questions.

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A Few of My Favorite Things About Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack [Tech Tips]

A Few of My Favorite Things About Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

I love Salesforce. I love the variety of Apps available to nonprofits, and there are great features about many of the fundraising apps available. (For more information and in-depth reviews of top fundraising applications built on the platform, download our report, The New World of Donor Management Apps for Nonprofits.)

After the original posting, roundCorner announced their partnership with and the release of the renamed product NGO Connect. Find out more here.

Previously, I wrote about my favorite features of Luminate CRM.  Today, I want to touch upon my favorite things about the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP).

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Nonprofit Use Cases for Chatter [Tech Tips]

Using Salesforce's Chatter in a Nonprofit’s Chatter product was released back in 2010 to much fanfare. Among nonprofits, its use has been mixed. Some were quick to embrace it, while others haven’t seen the value to their organization. For very small nonprofits with fewer than 10 staff members, for example, it might be hard to come up with reasons that you need to have another collaboration tool. You may already use Google Chat, feel like email works fine for you, or all work in the same office and can holler across the room.

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Use to Support Your Nonprofit’s Metrics Needs [Tech Tips]

Use to Support Your Nonprofit's Metrics Needs

As competition for donors’ attention becomes stiffer, savvy nonprofits are realizing the value of clearly defined metrics to help track and develop both operational and programmatic success. Metrics are extremely useful — if not entirely necessary — for every department at your organization, but are only worthwhile if they are accurate, actionable, delivered to the right people, and quickly understood. Following are a few tips on how to prioritize and place your data in, a common database platform for nonprofits, to effectively support your organization’s metrics.

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A Few of My Favorite Things about Luminate CRM [Tech Tips]

Useful tips for working with Luminate CRM

Luminate CRM from Blackbaud

Nonprofits today have an exciting world of donor and constituent relationship management solutions to choose from. One such solution, Luminate CRM from Blackbaud, is an incredibly sophisticated system that contains advanced functionality. Built on’s platform, Luminate CRM allows for all the standard types of gift processing needed by nonprofits.

Easy Duplicate Management

My favorite feature is the duplicate management functionality, which merges duplicates in the offline and online system at the same time so that users do not need to clean up records in two locations.

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