Tips for Hosting a Successful Webinar

Tips for hosting a successful Webinar
While perusing the Social Media for Nonprofits LinkedIn Group, I came across a discussion on what the best webinar platform is and why. Over the past year we’ve hosted and participated in many webinars and figured we’d share some of our knowledge from experience.

While we were looking at the hosting options we’ve used for our webinars, and exploring ones that we hadn’t, it became clear that the service selected plays a small role in the success of a webinar, but there are many other factors that will determine success. Below are some tips that we’ve implemented to increase the success of our webinars over the past year.

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Salesforce Tech Tips Roundup

Salesforce Tech Tips

Over the last year, we’ve published many posts designed to help you get the most out of your nonprofit organization’s Salesforce instance. These Salesforce tech tips cover everything from the basics, to selecting which data structure is right for your organization, to outlining the functions of different nonprofit applications and much more. Below we’ve also included some general constituent relationship management (CRM) system tips that aren’t specific to Salesforce, but are useful, nonetheless.

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8 Tasks for Training New Salesforce Users

Training New Salesforce Users

As we all know, Salesforce Administrators are often short on time, between ensuring the database is up to date, taking care of the many requests that employees ask of them, training new employees and more. We’ve discussed how user training is crucial to the adoption of a new system, but often the admins don’t have enough time to properly train users. Unfortunately untrained users can often be a security risk if they are not using the system properly. Gorav Seth from Ashoka – Innovators for the Public has outlined 8 training steps he uses to help quickly get new users up and running with Salesforce, and an automated process that lets him efficiently run new users through this training.

Gorav developed a hands-off initial training strategy for new Salesforce users by creating a limited “training” profile, which allows users to dive in and experientially learn how to use Salesforce while preventing them from deleting or modifying existing records. This custom profile allows for a greatly simplified user experience for new users, so they are not overwhelmed by fields, objects, and tabs, and also allows for a custom home page where he has embedded videos and helpful training material, so they are not dropped into the river without a paddle.

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Four Excel Functions Explained and How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit


As a CRM consulting firm, Heller Consulting encourages organizations to ditch their Excel spreadsheets in favor of a more dynamic data management tool. But we’re not going to tell you to ditch Excel as a data manipulation tool. In fact, some might say that Excel is the greatest data manipulation tool. Almost everyone has access to it, it has some extremely robust data manipulation functions, and for the most part it is easily self-taught – many functions can be learned by Googling, reading and testing.

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How to Manage Your Salesforce Reports

How to manage Salesforce Reports

Databases are fantastic because you put data in once and pull it out many times for many purposes. A common frustration is the inability to retrieve data with ease and confidence, when this frustration is present, user adoption usually tanks. After all, what’s the point of entering data if it can’t be accessed later?

This happened at my old job; we invested in a great Salesforce database, designed it to our specifications, and were thrilled to finally have a tool to capture our data. We started entering data. Soon management wanted a piece of the action and started requesting reports of how much, how many, when, what frequency, where… and we couldn’t confidently or consistently provide the answers. You can imagine how it looked when two people provided different responses to the same question. From there it went downhill quickly… “Why do we even have Salesforce, at least with our old spreadsheets…”

Are you experiencing a similar situation? Well, luckily our solution is repeatable across organizations…

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