Are Salesforce and Social Media, Well, Social?

Are Salesforce and Social Media Social

Nonprofits often ask us at Idealist Consulting: Can I integrate my Salesforce database with [insert social media platform here]? The first question we ask after hearing this question is: Do you have a social media strategy? Without a strategy, it’s difficult to direct organizations to the right tools, and even more difficult to make Salesforce and social media work together properly.

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Top 5 Things Accidental Techies Need to Know Right Now

Top 5 Things Accidental Techies Need to Know

Does this sound like you? Majored in Social Justice. Took a job at a nonprofit out of college to “get your feet wet and make a difference.” Decided to create a blog for your advocacy department because it seemed “like it would be fun.” Upper management now considers you to be the expert on using social media. Your job title doesn’t reflect the technical work you do.

Things Are Getting (More) Complicated

Ah, 2008…remember when all you needed to do was send out a few email messages and update the home page? In just a few short years we’ve added social media, CRM and smart phones to the mix. We know how you feel – it’s tough to stay on top of it all.

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Nonprofit Improves the Effectiveness of Their Major Gifts Program

Second Harvest Food Bank Improves the Effectiveness of their major gifts program.

You may think your donor database is slowing you down. But really, it could be your processes. Often, nonprofits need to streamline their existing technology and related procedures to get more efficiency and effectiveness from their fundraising program.

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Nonprofit Gains Efficiencies Using a Cloud-based CRM System

Single Cloud Based CRM System for a Better Nonprofit Experience

Your organization may have merged with another nonprofit, or simply adopted multiple systems for constituent relationship management over time. No matter how your nonprofit ended up there, juggling multiple, overlapping or disparate systems and processes is a recipe for operational inefficiency and an inconsistent experience for your constituents.

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Adopting a More Coordinated and Effective Approach to Fundraising

Health System Database Merger Case Study

Managing disparate donor databases typically leads to one thing: inefficient fundraising. Merging donor databases across your nonprofit  — whether yours is a single location, a primary organization with multiple chapters, or a healthcare system — helps you streamline internal development operations, reduce the risk of duplicate or inconsistent donor communications, and, ultimately, improve overall fundraising performance.

Here’s just one example: A prominent health system worked with Heller Consulting to merge 11 separate donor databases into a single system for more efficient and effective fundraising.

Following are some of the results:

  • Increased efficiency — The main database administrator can now run reports for individual medical centers, freeing development staff time.
  • More effective fundraising — The system no longer competes over shared donors, dual development officer assignments are minimized, and officers are closing more gifts.
  • Improved performance — The consolidated database paved the way for processes that manage and track development office performance.

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