#14NTC Day 3 – Social Snapshot

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Yesterday, NTEN.org’s Nonprofit Technology Conference slowly came to an end. What a whirlwind 3 days! Since the conference started on Thursday, there have been over 17,425 #14NTC tweets!! This is the biggest conference on record with over 2,000 attendees, so that’s a lot of tweets per attendee!

The top twitter handles mentioned yesterday were:

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#14NTC Day 2 – Social Snapshot

NTC Conference in DC 550x300

Phew! This was an exhausting day 2 of #14NTC – and we mean that in the best way possible! So many great sessions, that were packed!




Just goes to show that NTEN has put together some great panels full of amazing speakers with tons of knowledge to share.

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#14NTC Day 1 – Social Snapshot

NTC Conference in DC 550x300

What a first day! I know many of you were here yesterday attending the early sessions on drupal etc, but for many of us, this Thursday was our first day here in Washington DC for the National Technology Conference.

For a newbie, such as myself, I really enjoyed seeing the camaraderie and friendship between corporations, organizations and providers. Everyone knows each other!!

While I haven’t personally spent a lot of time in the science fair, I have enjoyed tweeting with everyone during the sessions. There have been a lot of great things to share! Some of the sessions have been so packed that people are crowding the doorways just to hear what the speakers are sharing, so I’m happy so many people are sharing what they are learning. Attendees have tweeted so much that #14NTC was trending yesterday:

While many attendees tweeted the correct #14NTC hashtag, it appears that a few people didn’t get the memo:

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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2014

Did you know that Saturday is International Women’s Day? Sadly, I didn’t know until my coworker Cynthia informed me, but this day has been around for over 100 years!

Some additional fun facts about International Women’s Day:

    Observed around the world each year on March 8th.
    Began in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19, 1911.
    Over 1 Million men and women attended the first International Women’s Day event in 1911.
    Serves as an opportunity to show appreciation for women and highlight women’s achievements.
    The Theme for 2014 is “Equality for women is progress for all.” and was selected by the United Nations.

For more fun facts, see the full timeline from 1911 through today at International Women’s Day’s website.

There are many ways you can get involved and celebrate International Women’s Day both online and by attending events in your area. If you can’t find an event close to you, you can still participate online using the #womensday and #IWD2014 hashtags which have produced over 26,000 tweets in the last week:

#womensday & #IWD2014 tweets the week of International Women's Day

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#14NTC Social Snapshot – Register Now!

NTC Conference in DC 550x300

I’m not the only one getting excited about NTEN.org’s upcoming #14NTC Nonprofit Technology Conference and tweeting about it! In fact there have been over 1,800 tweets in the last 90 days about #14NTC.

#14NTC Tweets So Far from Topsy

I love social media and analytics and in preparation of #14NTC I went through all of the speakers and put together a list of their Twitter handles, as well as the companies they were representing at #14NTC. Out of the 229 speakers (29 of whom are speaking more than once) there are 156 on Twitter. Color me impressed! That leaves only 73 of the speakers who aren’t on Twitter (or easy to find on Twitter).

To help you follow all of the speakers, and see what they tweet about, I put together this handy Twitter list of all 156 speakers:

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