The Power of Picklist Fields

Power of Picklist Fields

The first time I created a Salesforce database I wanted each picklist field to include the option “other”. I think it’s the American Social Worker in me… I didn’t want anyone to feel limited or to disallow individuality. Luckily I had a great mentor who explained that we should almost never include “other” as a picklist value; instead, we should have a well-defined set of choices that cover all relevant options.

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Six Resources for Nonprofits using Salesforce

Six Resources for Nonprofits
So you’re a nonprofit who wants to figure out Salesforce on your own?

There are countless resources available to help nonprofits figure out what to do with Salesforce. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of help figuring out which resources are best. After seven years and over 700 projects, we at Idealist Consulting have gathered up the top six most helpful resources for nonprofits looking to figure out Salesforce.

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Best Practices for Selecting Applications for Salesforce

Best Practices for Selection Applications for Saleforce

One question we are asked all the time is: What is the top App you recommend to do [Insert Need Here] on Salesforce? Where do you go for [Insert Need Here]? This can be mass emailing, volunteer management, merging duplicate records or any number of the things our clients need to do every day. And oh, what a world this would be if we could tell you we had a secret (or not so secret) list of our very best favorites for everything. If we did, we’d probably sell it on eBay, head to the Caribbean for a year, come back next year and see what’s new.

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Scaling Salesforce as You Grow, Part 4 [Tech Tips]

Scaling Salesforce as You Grow

In the previous post, I covered picklist collisions and properly matching the function of fields with the time and granularity of the data in your instance. Today, I’ll conclude with a few notes about Activities, namely when they’re helpful and when they can bog you down.

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8 Steps to Salesforce Success

8 Steps to Salesforce Success

Clients often ask us what can they do to help contribute to Salesforce success and a smooth and effective deployment. After 7 years and 700 plus projects we came up with eight general requirements for project success:

Listen to your Consultant

Client should follow the consultant’s advisement in implementing technology and changing business processes within scope. If client make changes without consent from consultant, it places the consultant in a reactive mode instead of executive mode. This interferes with project planning and methodology and may even force major adjustments to the project.

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