What is a Salesforce App?

What is a Salesforce App?

What are Salesforce Applications? They are solutions that help transform your instance of Salesforce into the perfect application for your business. In many ways it is similar to iPhone or Android applications. When you first get your smart phone, it comes pre-installed with stock applications like contacts, maps, calculator, phone and many more. It may seem basic, but it is fully functional and does most of what you need. Connect to an app store and the possibilities are endless on how you can customize your phone to do whatever you need. When you are on vacation in Chicago, you can use the the Yelp application to find the best local restaurant, click to get reviews and directions, and the standard maps application opens and uses the geolocation chip inside your phone to help you find it. Your Public Transit app tells you that it’s a long walk from the train, so you decide to hail a cab with a Taxi App, and tweet to your friend that you will be there at 8pm. Suddenly, you find you want and need to do a lot more with your phone, and you can find new apps that let you.

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The Power of Us Hub by the Salesforce Foundation

The Power of Us Hub

Just last week, the Salesforce Foundation released an awesome new feature for all members of the Foundation: The Power of Us Hub. Up until now, all information about the Foundation has been distributed across many different websites and groups, making it hard for new users to find information on how to use Salesforce. After some research, the Salesforce Foundation realized that most customers wanted a single location to go to for resources.

The Foundation describes the Hub as “a robust online community where members can share ideas, get support, and collaborate.”

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How to Select the Correct Data Structure in Salesforce for your Nonprofit: Account to Contact

How to Select Salesforce

Salesforce is an extremely pliable database, which allows for a number of different configurations across multiple industries. This is the first in a series of three blog posts that will take an in depth look outlining your options and what selecting each will mean for your nonprofit. Like any database, Salesforce has limitations which are dictated by the architectural “structure” you choose. In the simplest terms, there are three structures that Salesforce provides: Account to Contact, Individual Account and Person Accounts. The challenge is to select the right structure for your organization. It is important to note that there is no perfect structure, but some choices are better than others. The selection of data structure is significantly important as it relates to the nonprofit space. This series will cover all three structures with a brief breakdown of their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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How to Manage Your Salesforce Reports

How to manage Salesforce Reports

Databases are fantastic because you put data in once and pull it out many times for many purposes. A common frustration is the inability to retrieve data with ease and confidence, when this frustration is present, user adoption usually tanks. After all, what’s the point of entering data if it can’t be accessed later?

This happened at my old job; we invested in a great Salesforce database, designed it to our specifications, and were thrilled to finally have a tool to capture our data. We started entering data. Soon management wanted a piece of the action and started requesting reports of how much, how many, when, what frequency, where… and we couldn’t confidently or consistently provide the answers. You can imagine how it looked when two people provided different responses to the same question. From there it went downhill quickly… “Why do we even have Salesforce, at least with our old spreadsheets…”

Are you experiencing a similar situation? Well, luckily our solution is repeatable across organizations…

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Benefits for Nonprofits using the Salesforce Platform

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits
Salesforce has been a force (pun intended) in the nonprofit sector for a decade, but in recent years they’ve seen accelerated adoption, by both nonprofit organizations and software vendors developing solutions for nonprofits. Having multiple choices of Applications allows a greater number of nonprofits to use Salesforce.com in a way that functions according to their needs — ranging from supporting a robust membership model to the ability to track government grants.

Through the Salesforce.com Foundation, Salesforce.com grants nonprofits 10 free licenses, and provides significant discounts on additional licenses and features. This can be an attractive offer for nonprofits looking to mitigate the maintenance costs of their existing software. However, there are ongoing costs for user licenses and data storage that should be taken into account when considering a move to Salesforce.com.

That said, Salesforce.com offers attractive benefits. Following are some of these benefits in several key areas, as well as areas that require some extra evaluation when considering a move to the platform.

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