A Complete CRM Vision: From Beginning-to-End Staffing: Don’t Forget Your Balls

A Complete CRM Vision by Lisa Fay

As your organization prepares for a CRM deployment, it’s critical to determine what you want to look like as an organization after you go live. In this 3-part series, “A complete CRM vision” I will cover three components that should be part of the initial proposal:

  1. A definition of what constitutes CRM use.
  2. CRM ROI. Stay tuned, this conversation has a twist.
  3. Properly aligned staffing models post-deployment, or “from beginning-to-end staffing” – today’s topic.
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4 Tips for Planning your #GivingTuesday Campaign Now

4 #givingtuesday tips from StayClassy

Everyone might be getting excited now that Summer has finally arrived, but it is already time for your nonprofit organization to think about the holiday season! There are less than five months until #GivingTuesday and you need to start planning your campaign now!
To give some background on #GivingTuesday, it launched in 2012 and is already a big national philanthropic movement. According to Huffington Post, donors gave 90% more last year than in 2012. Gift sizes also increased in 2013 from $101.60 to $142.05! StayClassy has put together a great list of tips for you to try now to plan for #GivingTuesday this year and we’ve outlined their tips below.

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Using Big Data in Your Nonprofit Organization

Big Data in Your Nonprofit

Big data has been a buzzword that’s been bouncing around for a few years in every industry. What exactly does ‘big data’ mean? Well, Wikipedia defines big data as “the term for a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.” At a loss for how that pertains to your nonprofit organization? Our friend, Sally Boucher, Director of Research, from WealthEngine tackled this subject in a recent blog post and we wanted to share her post with you.

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Five Ways to Use Data and Analytics

Five Ways to Use Data and Analytics
Over the holidays we spent some time catching up on articles from our friends, partners, and influencers and one caught our eye that we wanted to share with you. As we head into the new year we will be focusing on using data and analytics to help inform decisions your nonprofit makes to increase fundraising. We came across an article written by Sally Boucher, the Director of Research at WealthEngine, about ways you can boost your nonprofit’s relevancy and increase your fundraising based on using your organization’s analytics and we had to share them with you.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Fundraising

Do's & Dont's of Digital Fundraising Image 550x300

Digital technology enables us to venture into a dialogue with donors and potential donors along loads of new interesting channels, but it does not allow us to abandon the old school fundraising methods or mediums – quite the contrary. Our digital fundraising must be firmly integrated to work. Digital media has changed and is continuing to change the way the world works, and we charities are going to have to follow suit. The tips below come to us from Maia Kahlke-Mikkelsen who originally posted this piece on 101fundraising.com.

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