Webinar: Fundraising with NGO Connect – The Connected Nonprofit

Webinar: Fundraising with NGO ConnectFor the past two months, NGO Connect has been big news in the Nonprofit world. As the newest member of the Salesforce1 for Nonprofit family, NGO Connect promises to provide nonprofits with the tools they need to maximize fundraising efforts while creating a more effective and efficient organization.

Thinking of making the switch? Don’t miss this free webinar on November 20th! Please join Joseph Jagassar from ASE, Heller Consulting’s Keith Heller and roundCorner founder Nick Ward as they explain the basics of constituent relationship management (CRM) and provide details on how a relationship-centric strategy can use modern tools to establish, nurture, and make the most of those constituent relationships.

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Webinar Recap: Maximize Year-End Fundraising

Year-End Fundraising Webinar Recap

It’s the most wonderful (and critical) time of the year for all nonprofits. As many of you are well aware, these next few weeks account for 40% of fundraising efforts. While this may seem overwhelming, there is still plenty of time to make sure you’re all set up to make this year-end campaign a great success. During our webinar with Heller Consulting and Classy.org, seasoned fundraisers, Jenn Smith and Mike Spear, went through a crash course on everything you and your organization can do to prepare and execute an effective strategies to meet your fundraising goals this holiday season.

While there is no one solution that is proven to be successful, we’ve developed five key phrases that our experts have found very useful in past campaigns. These are outlined below.

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10 Salesforce Terms You Need to Know


2014 has been a whirlwind year for nonprofit Salesforce users and you can be excused if you’re still catching your breath! Ever since Benioff kicked off his keynote with a focus on Haiti relief efforts and Salesforce1 at Dreamforce 2013, there has been an undercurrent of energy and new marketing announcements to the nonprofit world nearly every month.

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CRM, a Change Campaign: from Seeds to Flowers

CRM Change Campaign
A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) deployment is an excuse to change your entire business. Change is a noun and a verb.

There is a psychology to inspiring change and numerous needlessly too-complex definitions of change; the bottom line is, even in CRM-Land, change is relationship management that works toward a goal your business defines. It should not be viewed as another I.T. geek out project with Gantt charts and spreadsheets.

Your change strategy – you are changing your business – is essentially a campaign with a silent phase, a public phase, an all-too brief celebration, and then you start anew.

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A Complete CRM Vision: Don’t adopt CRM: Make Your Own Lines

complete crm vision

As your organization prepares for a CRM deployment, DO NOT discuss an adoption strategy; it’s the wrong conversation. Rather you should define and agree upon what constitutes CRM use and then make those processes mandatory. This is second in a 3-part series, “A complete CRM vision” – designed to help you plan your CRM.

  1. On July 21, I covered “From beginning-to-end staffing models
  2. CRM ROI. Stay tuned, this will be the final post – it will not be what you expect
  3. How to define what constitutes CRM use, today’s topic.
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