Best Practices for Selecting Applications for Salesforce

Best Practices for Selection Applications for Saleforce

One question we are asked all the time is: What is the top App you recommend to do [Insert Need Here] on Salesforce? Where do you go for [Insert Need Here]? This can be mass emailing, volunteer management, merging duplicate records or any number of the things our clients need to do every day. And oh, what a world this would be if we could tell you we had a secret (or not so secret) list of our very best favorites for everything. If we did, we’d probably sell it on eBay, head to the Caribbean for a year, come back next year and see what’s new.

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New Integrated Suites Product Review for Nonprofits

New Integrated Suites Product Review for Nonprofits White Paper

Tired of juggling data in multiple systems? Many nonprofits are. Since the popularization of online marketing applications, it’s been common for nonprofits to have at least one database to manage “offline” traditional fundraising and donor management, and another database to manage online marketing efforts.

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A Fresh Approach to a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Site

The Epilepsy Foundation's Fresh Approach to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

With the 2013 National Walk for Epilepsy fast approaching, the organization was looking for a fresh new design for their peer-to-peer event. This national walk is one of Epilepsy Foundation of America’s (EFA) biggest supporter campaigns of the year. They’d used a variant of the design in 2012 and had gotten feedback from their event participants that needed to be addressed in a refresh. Our combined teams (EFA and Firefly Partners) did not have a lot of time – the public kick-off date had been selected and event registration needed to launch on time.

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Business Intelligence Applications for the Nonprofit Sector

Business Intelligence Applications for the Nonprofit Sector

Now is the ideal time for nonprofits to learn more about business intelligence (BI) — the processes and technologies that transform data into information to help move an organization forward. Heller Consulting’s latest paper, Business Intelligence Applications for the Nonprofit Sector is an excellent way to learn the details of what BI is and what nonprofits need to know about it. It also provides a review of the current BI technology landscape.

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5 Signs Your Nonprofit’s CRM System and Processes Need Streamlining

5 Signs Your Nonprofit CRM System Needs Streamlining

Do you ever get the feeling that your donor database or CRM system is slowing you down? You might think it’s time to throw it out and start from scratch with a new system. But, in reality, you may just need to streamline the way you use it.

Here are five telltale signs that your nonprofit’s CRM system and processes need streamlining:

1. Producing accurate reports and mailing lists is impossible

At Heller Consulting, our approach is to use the native features of a system to develop outputs, such as reports and mailing lists, that can be generated by all users. This requires that your codes and data be organized logically to allow for accurate reporting and mailing list generation using standard system functionality. The following situations are signs that your codes and data are not organized in a way that supports accurate list building or reporting and should be cleaned and streamlined:

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