9 Reasons your Nonprofit Should use Online Petitions

9 Reasons your Nonprofit Should use Online Petitions

Raising money for your organization requires more than just including a ‘donate’ button on your website. There are so many tools available for organizations to cut down on overhead while still reaching the right constituents, but how do you determine which of these are for you? Maybe you’ve overlooked a whole group of tools because you didn’t think they were right for your type of organization.

Luckily we have friends like PICnet who shared with us these 9 tips on why online petitions are great for all nonprofit organizations, not just advocacy groups.

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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2014

Did you know that Saturday is International Women’s Day? Sadly, I didn’t know until my coworker Cynthia informed me, but this day has been around for over 100 years!

Some additional fun facts about International Women’s Day:

    Observed around the world each year on March 8th.
    Began in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19, 1911.
    Over 1 Million men and women attended the first International Women’s Day event in 1911.
    Serves as an opportunity to show appreciation for women and highlight women’s achievements.
    The Theme for 2014 is “Equality for women is progress for all.” and was selected by the United Nations.

For more fun facts, see the full timeline from 1911 through today at International Women’s Day’s website.

There are many ways you can get involved and celebrate International Women’s Day both online and by attending events in your area. If you can’t find an event close to you, you can still participate online using the #womensday and #IWD2014 hashtags which have produced over 26,000 tweets in the last week:

#womensday & #IWD2014 tweets the week of International Women's Day

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CMS Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

CMS Platforms: A Guide for Nonprofits

Technology is always advancing. Sometimes we can keep pace, often it races ahead of us. Constituents and donors are increasingly savvy and have higher expectations of the organizations they choose to support. Mobile devices provide access to unlimited information 24/7. Your organization’s Content Management System (CMS) is likely your front door for a potential supporter.

Every bit and byte of your online ecosystem needs to be mobile friendly, user friendly, fast, relevant, and geared toward conversion. And ideally the data you collect ties right back into your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system – allowing you to provide the kind of customized constituent experience that creates long-term loyalty and value for your organization.

More than ever before, this kind of experience is possible for organizations of all sizes and missions. Modern nonprofit leaders understand that their website is not an afterthought – it can be used as a powerful tool to meet strategic business goals.

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How to Get User-Generated Content From Supporters

How to Get User-Generated Content From Supporters

Content Marketing has been increasingly at the top of mind for many marketing professionals, but how do you generate so much content? It isn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much! Luckily for nonprofit organizations out there, your donors, volunteers and supporters can all help you with this problem. How do you get this content from them? Fernando Labastida, a content strategist with Kimbia, has outlined some ideas on NTEN.org to help you get user generated content from your supporters.

Nonprofits must think about differentiating their content from the mass of generic content being generated. Writing one more blog post about how your cause is helping in so many wonderful ways is not going to cut it – well at least not like it did three years ago. Nonprofits have a great story to tell, but how can you stand out in a crowded field of generic content marketing? By tapping into that wellspring of stories each one of your supporters and beneficiaries have.

Though we all want to tap into the raw, emotional stories that can drive a fundraising campaign, help recruit volunteers and tell your unique story, you have to be well organized about how you generate and use content directly from your beneficiaries and supporters.

Fernando has identified three steps to help you ease your constituents into an escalating cascade of user-generated content. These steps are outlined below:

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Creating a Plan for a Constituent Centered Strategy

Planning a Constituent Centered Strategy

When considering a constituent relationship management (CRM) system, you need to consider how your nonprofit will use it as both a tool and a strategy. This may require a shift in thinking about how your organization manages your constituents as you want to build a relationship with your constituents that is mutually beneficial. Putting your constituents at the center of your strategy will change how your organization thinks, plans, builds and implements campaigns as the main goal will always be to strengthen the overall relationship with your constituent.

Currently, many organizations have an isolated approach where a constituent is just a piece of every department’s puzzle, leading them to be in multiple systems which leads to miscommunication to the constituent and creates poor relationships, but when you put the constituent in the middle, they will have a better relationship experience with your organization.

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