Top 10 Free Apps for Nonprofits [Tech Tips]



Every week, I eagerly await the AppExchange digest to see what new Apps have been released on the AppExchange. I also like browsing the AppExchange to learn how others are solving their problems.

Over time, I have discovered a few Apps that I depend on to make my job easier as a administrator, as well as some that I frequently recommend to nonprofit clients if the functionality is missing from their fundraising managed package. (For more information and in-depth reviews of top fundraising applications built on the platform, download our recent report, The New World of Donor Management Apps for Nonprofits)

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Transitioning your nonprofit to the Cloud [Tech Tips]

7 Things to Think About Before You Implement a Fundraising System
Recently, Heller Consulting presented a webinar series for NTEN about transitioning to the cloud. The series, “Transitioning your nonprofit to the Cloud: To Infinity and Beyond,” consisted of three webinars covering the topics of Security and Risk, Data Migration, and Preparing Your Organization. With all technology projects, there are considerations around strategy, tactics, technology and people; we addressed each of these areas, providing participants with actionable steps to take back to their organizations, and (we hope) quite a bit of food for thought.

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The Challenges of Disparate Data in Nonprofits and How to Overcome Them

The article originally posted on the NTEN Connect blog.

Our data is scattered all across our organization!” Sound familiar?

As a consultant for the nonprofit sector, I hear it all of the time from clients. It was also one of the primary challenges I heard when interviewing 30 nonprofits for a recent study on Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) in the nonprofit sector.

When nonprofits talk about disparate data (or data “silos”), they’re usually referring to the use of multiple database systems at their organization. Often, this is the result of many years of adding specific systems to meet specific needs. Sounds harmless enough, right?  It might have been at the time…

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Handling Change in Your Nonprofit During a CRM Implementation

Handling Change in Your Nonprofit During a CRM Implementation

In my 16+ years working with nonprofits on CRM and technology implementations, one lesson has come through loud and clear: When it comes to implementing new software, most of the challenges are not technology-related, they’re people-related.

There are many reasons why “people issues” complicate a software implementation, but one major reason is that change is uncomfortable for us people-types. We may like the idea of a new system, but the idea of changing the way we operate — well, that’s OK for other folks, but not for us.

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Helping Nonprofits Build a Strong Community of Supporters Through Social Media


Nonprofits looking to attract followers and build a community of supporters by leveraging social marketing technologies, strategies and techniques have a new resource: The Following Factory, from Heller Consulting.

The Following Factory is Heller Consulting’s new social media service for nonprofits, complementing our more than 15 years of experience helping nonprofits connect with their constituents by leveraging technologies such as donor databases and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems. In short, The Following Factory pairs our years of nonprofit technology and process know-how with social media and online marketing expertise.

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