NGO Connect Feature: Ease of Basic Processes

NGOC Feature: Ease of Basic Processes

NGO Connect (formerly known as roundCause) was developed as an application that specializes in addressing sophisticated, multi-channel fundraising management needs for larger organizations without compromising the native strengths and innovations of Salesforce. In general, NGO Connect offers more complex functionality than the Nonprofit Starter Pack, and also offers additional features in areas such as events and grants management that the NPSP does not include. Also unlike NPSP, there is a per-license annual cost associated with NGO Connect. Already unmistakably powerful, the NGO Connect roadmap features many updates that will continue to improve usability for fundraising staff. Heller Consulting released a white paper describing the basic features of NGO Connect. Today we will be reviewing Ease of Basic Processes in NGO Connect.

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Case Study: Project Open Hand

Case Study: Project Open Hand

Project Open Hand was created as an effort to fight the AIDS epidemic in 1985. Since then, it has grown into an incredible organization that serves the Bay Area’s most vulnerable citizens who are fighting serious illness, isolation, and the challenges associated with old age. Today, Project Open Hand has over 100 volunteers and delivers more than 2,500 meals and 200 bags of groceries every single day.

For some time, Project Open Hand was using multiple, disconnected systems to manage interactions with clients, volunteers, and donors, but none of them were meeting their needs. Each system had issues: lack of basic functions, inability to create necessary reports, limited/no technical support, etc. These problems were not only creating unnecessary delays and challenges, but were also roadblocks, preventing Project Open Hand from truly understanding critical connections between donors and volunteers.

By working together, Heller Consulting and Project Open Hand came up with a strategic implementation plan to smoothly transition Project Open Hand onto a single, cohesive system, and to streamline and optimize the inter-related aspects of the organization’s business processes. Visit the Salesforce Foundation project overview here.

For more information on this project, head over to Heller Consulting’s website to download the full case study!

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Fundraising with NGO Connect: Webinar Transcript Part 2

NGO Connect Webinar: Packages

Back in November, Heller Consulting teamed up with roundCorner and Alliance to Save Energy for a webinar about NGO Connect. Part one of the transcript is available here. Stuart Longley from roundCorner gave a demonstration on some of the most important features of NGO Connect explaining both the functionality and the daily use and benefit of these tools. Here is a brief overview of what he covered.

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Nonprofit Starter Pack feature: Data Model and Functionality

Nonprofit Starter Pack Feature: Data Model and Functionality

The Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) 3.0 is an App that configures Salesforce for lightweight demographic, relationship management, donation management and volunteer management needs of nonprofits. The NPSP is offered free of charge by the Salesforce Foundation. The Salesforce Foundation makes it easy to get NPSP 3 whether you are new to Salesforce or upgrading from an earlier version. NPSP 3 has also been updated to fully support Salesforce 1 for Nonprofits. Updates to the application are pushed out every few weeks and update your system automatically. Updates are based on a combination of roadmap items, responses to customer requests for functionality, and community-generated features. Heller Consulting released a white paper describing the basic features of the NPSP. Today we will be going over Data Model and Functionality.

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Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect Review

Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect: Unique solutions for unique organizations

Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect are two separate entities of the Salesforce1 for Nonprofits Family. While each is part of a long-term roadmap for how an organization can realize the vision of a true Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and becoming a Connected Nonprofit, they are different applications for different organizations.

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