AmeriCorps Alumni Webinar with Smita Vadakekalam


Recently Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services, Smita Vadakekalam, was asked to participate in an AmeriCorps Alumni webinar to talk about her career in Philanthropy and how she got there. Below is a recap of her experience with the webinar as well as her journey with AmeriCorps.

In May I participated in a webinar titled “Careers in Philanthropy” conducted by the AmeriCorps Alumnus. There were 2 additional panelists who had also served in AmeriCorps and attended the Lily Family School of Philanthropy. I was happy to participate, and was able to reflect on how my experiences as an AmeriCorps member and student of philanthropy connect to the career I have now. I didn’t see it at first, but it soon became clear how my AmeriCorps year at a nonprofit housing developer plus my two years studying philanthropy brought me to Heller Consulting to work in nonprofit technology.

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