A Long-Term Fundraising Solution with a New CRM System

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A fundraising solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. As a nonprofit evolves and grows, often its processes change, too. Processes might become more complex and more unique to that specific organization. While the nonprofit’s fundraising system may be able to keep pace with the changes, eventually the organization may simply outgrow its system and need to find one that better meets its needs today and in the future.

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Top π Tips for Choosing a CRM System for Fundraising

Tips for Choosing a CRM System for Fundraising

The first rule of fundraising is this: It’s all about relationships. So, when you’re looking for a new fundraising system, keep that rule front-and-center. How will the system I’m considering help me better identify, cultivate and manage relationships? How will the system connect our big picture goals with our day-to-day operations?

Today, fundraisers can reap the benefits of constituent relationship management (CRM). The beauty of a incorporating a CRM system for fundraising is that it’s designed to help you identify, cultivate and manage important relationships. It’s not like the fundraising databases of yesterday — not just a place to toss in data. It’s not designed to torture you with arcane processes or challenge you to a wrestling match every time you want information. No, a good CRM system can actually reduce the time you spend in front of technology and increase the time you spend in front of people, so you can develop relationships (instead of carpal tunnel).

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Streamlined Databases + Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

Streamlined Database and Processes Plus Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

You’re ready to ramp up your fundraising efforts, but you’re concerned that your donor database isn’t up for the task. Sound familiar?

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Using CRM and a Narwhal Effectively

This is not the narwhal of which we speak.

One night when I was discussing databases with a friend at a bar (yes, this really does happen in San Francisco) he mentioned “Narwhal,” the database the Obama reelection team created to keep track of supporters for the 2012 election. Later that evening I did some research and discovered two interesting facts: (1) narwhals actually do exist (they’re a type of whale), and (2) the database that the Obama campaign named after this sea beast was the basis of a CRM system and strategy so sophisticated that the campaign raised $2.4 million in ONE DAY through a single, well-researched, well-executed email.

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Nonprofit Improves the Effectiveness of Their Major Gifts Program

Second Harvest Food Bank Improves the Effectiveness of their major gifts program.

You may think your donor database is slowing you down. But really, it could be your processes. Often, nonprofits need to streamline their existing technology and related procedures to get more efficiency and effectiveness from their fundraising program.

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