Are you skeered of Online Strategies?

Scared of Online Strategies
Developing online strategies for a nonprofit organization is a constantly evolving challenge, and too often treated as a completely independent entity from the rest of the organization. Sadly, this constant flux and silo’d approach is one of the things that contributes to a lack of truly effective digital marketing efforts. To horribly paraphrase Olive Ann Burns, creating an online strategy is like pouring water into a Coke bottle, if you skeered, you can’t do it. If you approach it with the same care and planning as your direct response fundraising efforts, you won’t slosh a drop. The ALS Association is a recent example of an organization that wasn’t skeered to try something different and the return has been tremendous.

Can we all do an ice bucket challenge and get the same results? Maybe, maybe not. But we can all learn something from what they did and apply it to the effective tools and techniques that we have used for direct response fundraising for years. There was a time when someone did the very first run/walk fundraiser. Now activity-centered events have an entire genre of fundraising all their own. What will be the online fundraising cornerstone in 30 years? Who knows, but I’ll bet when we break it down to it’s core components, it will look pretty familiar and fit perfectly in your already robust CRM. (You do have a CRM, right?)

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Are you leading with great content or following a calendar?

content vs calendar
Does this scenario sound familiar?

Every single department in you organization decides that they need to send an email to “THE LIST” about important issue x, y or z.

One department, usually the development team or the advocacy or marketing team, wants to control the amount and type of emails sent to “THE LIST.”

Epic battles ensue. Who gets to decide what goes to the list when and what gets prioritized? Everyone feels their message is critical and has to go out to supporters.

In the end, you come up with a solution that is often wrapped around a calendar – one that gives everyone a glimpse into what is being sent out to a file or segments of the file – so that the organization doesn’t overwhelm its constituents, keeps everyone happy internally and hits all their fundraising and advocacy goals.

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After the Run/Walk/Ride: How to Avoid Dropping the Relationship You Just Built with Your Participants like Hot Potatoes

How to Avoid Dropping the Relationship you Just Built with Your Participants like Hot Potatoes

No one ever intends to do it. Maybe you’ve even tried to plan on NOT doing it. But for so many organizations, the resources, time and the effort that goes into the planning, execution and of course the fundraising involved with peer-to-peer events mean that when the last participant crosses the finish line, you are simply tapped out. Done. Finito.

It’s a critical moment. And the time you should be doing everything you can to continue to build on the great relationship you just developed with donors and participants.

Here’s 5 tips to make sure you avoid dropping the relationships and keep your participants engaged and feeling the love post-event.

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