Why NOW is the right time for nonprofits to put CRM back on their radar


Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is a hot topic in the nonprofit sector, and with good reason: When implemented correctly, it can help a nonprofit address a serious problem — disparate data scattered across multiple systems requiring tremendous staff effort to rein it all in. It also can support a nonprofit’s most important initiatives — engaging constituents more effectively to support and spread its mission.

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Nonprofit CRM – What’s it to ya?






In our just-released study on trends in nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), the most challenging of the nine questions we asked nonprofits was undoubtedly, “What is your organization’s definition of CRM?”  It’s a challenging question for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a big topic that can cover a lot of territory
  2. It’s a relatively new topic in the nonprofit sector, and we’re all finding our way in it
  3. It’s specific to each organization. As each organization culls through the possibilities, ideally they’ll land on what’s important to them.
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Report Now Available: Top Nonprofits’ Insights on CRM

It’s here – hot off the presses! We’ve released the findings of our recent study about how nonprofits are approaching Constituent Relationship Management (CRM).

Over the past several months, we interviewed executives from 30 nonprofit organizations to uncover their thoughts on their strategic, operational and technical goals, activities, and challenges within the context of CRM.  And now, we’re sharing our report of participants’ insights based on our discussions with them.

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Coming Soon: Insights from Nonprofits on CRM

Seems as if those of us who work in and with the nonprofit sector have been all a-buzz about Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) lately. As I mentioned in a recent post, Idealware posted their own article about 10 Things to Consider in a CRM. In late March, NTEN offered an online session about implementing CRM to advance your mission.  And a whole host of software vendors — including Blackbaud, Convio (now Blackbaud), and Salesforce.com — are promoting their CRM products for nonprofits.

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How the “People Problem” Complicates Nonprofit Software Implementation

Over the last 16 years, I’ve kicked off most projects with my clients saying this: “80% of this software project is not technical”. Why? Because, when it comes to implementing new software or cleaning up and streamlining what you’ve already got, most of the “gotchas” are not with the technology. That’s not because software is perfect. It isn’t. But, it is consistent. It does what it does, and doesn’t do what it doesn’t do. It’s pretty cut-and-dried. People, however…

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