Join Heller Consulting for the Get CRMready Webinar Series

Get CRMready - The nonprofit CRM readiness webinar

CRMready is a FREE webinar series about overcoming scattered data, siloed technology, and fragmented processes to better engage your constituents.

You communicate with lots of supporters, but struggle to keep up with all of their information. You spend more time wrestling with your databases and other technology than engaging with your constituents. You have great ideas for serving your constituents better, but your nonprofit’s systems and processes are slowing you down.

Sound familiar? Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) can help!


Join us for this 3-webinar series, and find out:

  • What CRM is, why it’s important, and how you can make the case for it at your nonprofit
  • How to plan the right approach to CRM for your organization
  • Best practices for implementing processes and technology that enable you to be more responsive and effective in serving and engaging your constituents

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Should Your Nonprofit Make a Move to Salesforce?

Should Your Nonprofit Make a Move to Salesforce? is the leading Cloud-based CRM solution used by tens of thousands of companies and nonprofit organizations worldwide. Its open architecture allows vendors to develop applications, or Apps, that enhance the for-profit functionality of the platform and the nonprofit functionality of the Nonprofit Starter Pack to suit the needs of nonprofit organizations.

Each App approaches this customization in unique ways, with differing approaches to usability, potential for further customization, and the types of organizations each is best suited for. Having multiple choices of Apps allows a greater number of nonprofits to use in a way that functions according to their needs — ranging from supporting a robust membership model to the ability to track government grants.

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Avectra, Fundraising, and the Power of CRM

Team Heller and Avectra discuss CRM and fundraising.

One of the hottest topics today is how use CRM to raise more money for your nonprofit. If you are going to the Avectra Users and Developers Conference March 3-5, you will get a chance to hear Heller Consulting and netFORUM experts from Avectra to talk about the CRM tools and techniques you can use to boost your fundraising success rate. Here are a few more details:

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Nonprofit Gains Efficiencies Using a Cloud-based CRM System

Single Cloud Based CRM System for a Better Nonprofit Experience

Your organization may have merged with another nonprofit, or simply adopted multiple systems for constituent relationship management over time. No matter how your nonprofit ended up there, juggling multiple, overlapping or disparate systems and processes is a recipe for operational inefficiency and an inconsistent experience for your constituents.

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A Few of My Favorite Things about Luminate CRM [Tech Tips]

Useful tips for working with Luminate CRM

Luminate CRM from Blackbaud

Nonprofits today have an exciting world of donor and constituent relationship management solutions to choose from. One such solution, Luminate CRM from Blackbaud, is an incredibly sophisticated system that contains advanced functionality. Built on’s platform, Luminate CRM allows for all the standard types of gift processing needed by nonprofits.

Easy Duplicate Management

My favorite feature is the duplicate management functionality, which merges duplicates in the offline and online system at the same time so that users do not need to clean up records in two locations.

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