8 Steps to Salesforce Success

8 Steps to Salesforce Success

Clients often ask us what can they do to help contribute to Salesforce success and a smooth and effective deployment. After 7 years and 700 plus projects we came up with eight general requirements for project success:

Listen to your Consultant

Client should follow the consultant’s advisement in implementing technology and changing business processes within scope. If client make changes without consent from consultant, it places the consultant in a reactive mode instead of executive mode. This interferes with project planning and methodology and may even force major adjustments to the project.

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A Fresh Approach to a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Site

The Epilepsy Foundation's Fresh Approach to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

With the 2013 National Walk for Epilepsy fast approaching, the organization was looking for a fresh new design for their peer-to-peer event. This national walk is one of Epilepsy Foundation of America’s (EFA) biggest supporter campaigns of the year. They’d used a variant of the design in 2012 and had gotten feedback from their event participants that needed to be addressed in a refresh. Our combined teams (EFA and Firefly Partners) did not have a lot of time – the public kick-off date had been selected and event registration needed to launch on time.

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Top 5 Things Accidental Techies Need to Know Right Now

Top 5 Things Accidental Techies Need to Know

Does this sound like you? Majored in Social Justice. Took a job at a nonprofit out of college to “get your feet wet and make a difference.” Decided to create a blog for your advocacy department because it seemed “like it would be fun.” Upper management now considers you to be the expert on using social media. Your job title doesn’t reflect the technical work you do.

Things Are Getting (More) Complicated

Ah, 2008…remember when all you needed to do was send out a few email messages and update the home page? In just a few short years we’ve added social media, CRM and smart phones to the mix. We know how you feel – it’s tough to stay on top of it all.

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When Is A Good Time For Nonprofits To Evaluate Their Online Tools?

When is a good time for nonprofits to evaluate their online tools?

Chances are pretty good that you’ve been using the same set of online tools to create your donation forms, email messages, and advocacy alerts for a while now.  Settling down with a set of online tools is comfy, like wearing a pair of sweatpants. Familiar. Easy. Sure, you’ve got your pet peeves about the system but you know each other pretty darn well.

It’s silly to pack up and move just in the name of change – and it’s also a mistake to stay where you are if your tools don’t meet your needs. At Firefly Partners, we guide our clients in an effective tool evaluation process that can shed light on whether it’s time to pack it up and move to a new platform.

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How does it feel to be on the cutting edge?

How does it feel to be cutting edge?

Taking the leap into the cloud can be a challenge for nonprofit organizations. Your coworkers are concerned about learning a new system, the board is either pushing the change with both hands or dragging their feet, you’re feeling the pressure that the move to the new system must be successful and worthwhile. There’s a lot of risk, but, the potential for a lot of reward.

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