Which Social Media Sites Should Your Organization Be On?

A great set of flow diagrams to help you determine which social media sites your organization should be on. Be sure to visit the full article from Saleforce here to read what organizations should understand about their brand and audience from the very beginning.

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Are You Blocked from Investing in Your Nonprofit?

roadblocks to investing in nonprofits

Is it appropriate for a nonprofit to invest in their own growth? What percentage of an organization’s funding should be reserved for investment in building and managing the organization? There are several high-profile examples of organizations that are clearly doing it wrong, causing many to question which organizations are worth supporting. As a result, several charity benchmark websites have appeared, providing a seemingly precise evaluation of any charity’s efficiency in just a few clicks, but is this an accurate assessment of a nonprofit? Many nonprofit leaders say no.

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Case Study: Implementing an Engagement Center for Canadian Cancer Society of Saskatchewan


While working with the national community-based organization, Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan (CCSSK), Heller Consulting assisted with implementing a robust system that could more effectively connect its participants, donors, volunteers and cancer survivors.

Like many organizations, CCSSK was manually running their Reminder for Life program. While that works for many organizations and can work for many years, CCSSK was ready to upgrade their systems and automate the process. But where do you start? And who has the time to take a break from the Reminder for Life program to automate the process to save CCSSK time down the road?

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Access the Wealth Within – Uncovering Talent and Utilizing Technology

Access the Wealth Within - by Avectra

In her work with nonprofits Amy Quinn often refers to the “New Normal”. She believes, and has personally witnessed, how leveraging technology and the solutions and innovation it offers, can help organizations achieve higher levels of success.

In her Avectra blog post “The Wealth Within”, Amy urges organizations to focus less on what they don’t have, or can’t afford, and instead look within to uncover untapped resources and talent to bring innovation to their programs.

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The First of Three CRMready Webinars – The Basics

Get CRMready - The nonprofit CRM readiness webinar

The first session of the nonprofit CRM workshop series CRMready is complete, and was an overwhelming success. Keith Heller of Heller Consulting, Rob Jordan, Principal and Solutions Analyst of Idealist Consulting, and Elizabeth Pope, Senior Researcher from Idealware, covered the following topics:

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