Nonprofit Leverages for More Accurate, Efficient Grant Management

Nonprofit Leverages for More Efficient Grant Management

Your nonprofit may have data and processes from one program running smoothly, while another program just isn’t as efficient. This isn’t unusual. And, it makes sense: It’s nearly impossible for nonprofits to tackle consolidating data and streamlining processes across the entire organization, all at once.

But, with a CRM system like in place, nonprofits have a single platform for managing all of their data and processes, and can add to it as needed.

Here’s an example: Heller Consulting helped Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) move their grant management data and processes from inefficient spreadsheets and email into their existing system.

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Streamlined Donor Database and Processes Improve Development Team’s Efficiency

Streamlined Donor Database and Processes Improve Development Team’s Efficiency

As nonprofits evolve, it’s not uncommon for processes and systems – which may have once worked efficiently – to no longer meet the organization’s needs. That’s when it’s time to think about optimization.

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Does Your Nonprofit’s Data Decide What You Should Do?

Does your data decide what to do? Update your database and processes and get in control.

Data. We keep it, store it, and long to take a deep dive into it. But when we leap into the deep end of our data pool, we often find ourselves struggling to even tread water.

After over 35 years, USENIX had an ocean of membership data. They had customized their database to fill their needs over time, but it could no longer stretch to meet their contemporary needs. It was becoming a challenge to answer questions such as “How many attendees from our last conference are also USENIX members and live in this ZIP code?”.

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Streamlined Databases + Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

Streamlined Database and Processes Plus Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

You’re ready to ramp up your fundraising efforts, but you’re concerned that your donor database isn’t up for the task. Sound familiar?

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Nonprofit Improves the Effectiveness of Their Major Gifts Program

Second Harvest Food Bank Improves the Effectiveness of their major gifts program.

You may think your donor database is slowing you down. But really, it could be your processes. Often, nonprofits need to streamline their existing technology and related procedures to get more efficiency and effectiveness from their fundraising program.

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