Taking Engagement Seriously – Developing an Engagement Journey

Developing an Engagement Strategy

Nonprofits are continuously presented with opportunities to engage with constituents – partners, volunteers, advocates, donors, the beneficiaries of the mission and more. While some organizations rise to the challenge and provide a rich engagement experience to those seeking to connect, other times organizations miss an opportunity to meet constituents with the right type of engagement at the right time. Those missed opportunities can translate to loss of connection, loss of dollars, loss of goodwill and loss of motivation to do more with the organization. To help nonprofits understand the impact this can have, Heller has created the paper Taking Engagement Seriously to explain how to develop an Engagement Strategy, and clarify how it can influence how your organization approaches all of your constituent engagement efforts. We covered the first step in planning an engagement strategy in our blog post on the CRM System. Step two focuses on developing an engagement strategy.

An engagement strategy is an outline or “journey map” that guides your organization to truly serving your constituents’ needs while you strive to meet your organizational goals. This can be challenging for organizations at any stage in their development. Organizations in a growth phase struggle to make the increased investments in sophisticated technology, while established organizations can struggle with creating a personal and relevant experience.


While we know we need to treat and engage with our supporters better – never before has that need become such an urgent mandate. The commercial sector is investing in technologies and strategies that have heightened consumers’ expectations for relevant, personal and important information whenever they want it. Taking Engagement Seriously goes into detail on the following topics to help you create an effective engagement strategy.

    • Obtaining the “360-degree-view” of the constituent
    • Strategy and content before technology
    • Choosing which channels work best for your constituents
    • And more!

For more information on developing an engagement strategy to align your organization and advance your nonprofit’s mission, head to the Heller Consulting website to download the free paper, Taking Engagement Seriously.

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Understanding CRM for Nonprofits


The 21st century consumer is accustomed to a personalized, seamless experience in everything they do. It’s simple to find old friends and stay in touch through Facebook, watch all of their favorite shows on Netflix, or order necessities off Amazon and have them delivered to their door the next day. The commercial sector strives to get to know their customers and understand their needs so they can quickly and easily fulfill their requests.

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NGO Connect Feature: Ease of Basic Processes

NGOC Feature: Ease of Basic Processes

NGO Connect (formerly known as roundCause) was developed as an application that specializes in addressing sophisticated, multi-channel fundraising management needs for larger organizations without compromising the native strengths and innovations of Salesforce. In general, NGO Connect offers more complex functionality than the Nonprofit Starter Pack, and also offers additional features in areas such as events and grants management that the NPSP does not include. Also unlike NPSP, there is a per-license annual cost associated with NGO Connect. Already unmistakably powerful, the NGO Connect roadmap features many updates that will continue to improve usability for fundraising staff. Heller Consulting released a white paper describing the basic features of NGO Connect. Today we will be reviewing Ease of Basic Processes in NGO Connect.

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Executive Summary: Taking Engagement Seriously

Executive Summary: Taking Engagement Seriously

Failure to engage with constituents results in a loss of connection, dollars, and goodwill. So often, organizations believe that a large CRM technology change will be the key to solving all of their constituent engagement problems. Unfortunately, technology is one piece in a much larger puzzle. In this executive summary of Heller Consulting’s paper, Taking Engagement Seriously, they discuss the many components that go into a CRM solution including aligning business practices, planned engagement strategy, and the right technology.

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Case Study – Alliance to Save Energy

Case Study: Alliance to Save Energy
The Alliance to Save Energy is a bipartisan organization that works to promote a cleaner environment, healthier economy and energy security through policy advocacy, research, education and technology programs. They were familiar with the Salesforce Platform and had completed an implementation several years earlier, but they wanted a product that was better suited to their specific needs.

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