Luminate CRM Available in the Salesforce Appexchange


With all the discussion around Salesforce1 recently, some may have missed Blackbaud’s announcement that Luminate CRM is now available in the Salesforce1 Appexchange, allowing organizations that are already utilizing or considering the platform to take advantage of it’s tools and features.

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Update: Quick Review of Luminate CRM

Review Nonprofit Salesforce Applications: Luminate CRM

Heller Consulting recently updated their report on the top 5 donor management applications for Salesforce with updates focusing on Blackbaud’s Luminate CRM.

Luminate CRM was spun off in 2010-2011 as a separate product and descendant of the original Common Ground product offered by Convio, which was acquired by Blackbaud in mid-2012. Blackbaud has focused its Luminate CRM development efforts on strengthening the integration with Luminate Online while has also designing Luminate Analytics to be a powerful segmentation and reporting tool for the Luminate suite. This is a large App that interacts heavily with many standard objects, meaning that Luminate CRM customers, and all Salesforce customers in general, should carefully design and test additional non-fundraising uses of

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Web Page Manager (Blackbaud NetCommunity) Review

Selecting the right CMS solution for your nonprofit organization - Blackbaud's NetCommunity

Blackbaud offers many different content management system (CMS) solutions for their users including PageBuilder, Luminate Online CMS (LO CMS) and NetCommunity (BBNC). We’ve already reviewed PageBuilder and LO CMS and today we will be reviewing the Blackbaud NetCommunity solution, which is the only CMS on the market that is natively designed to integrate with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge® (RE) and Education Edge® (EE) applications.

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#bbcon Social Snapshot & Recap


Sounds like Blackbaud’s #bbcon was a hit again this year! The event, which took place in DC from September 30-October 1, had hundreds of sessions ranging from social media, to fundraising to introducing the latest and greatest from Blackbaud.

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#bbcon Day 3 Social Snapshot

Yesterday was the final day of Blackbaud’s #bbcon conference in DC. As sessions were winding down and the exhibition hall was closing, we definitely saw fewer tweets. There were only 2,144 tweets mentioning #bbcon yesterday, but that brings the grand total of tweets from Sunday to Tuesday to over 8,500! Thanks again to Blackbaud for donating a $1/tweet to a local DC charity.

The speakers mentioned the most on Tuesday were @JimZBuildOn with 72 mentions during his keynote, @TedHart with 52 mentions and @billconnorscfre with 45 mentions during his #retrickygifts session.

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