Business Intelligence Applications For The Nonprofit Sector

A detailed explanation and review of Business Intelligence applications for nonprofits.Business Intelligence Applications Whitepaper

Nonprofits are in an outstanding place to reap the benefits of Business Intelligence that was once only accessible to the commercial sector. Cost of solutions has come down significantly, and constituents now expect a more custom, user-centric experience. Content must be targeted, multi-channel, and relevant in order to capture attention. In order to create this content we must better understand our constituents, and BI is the vehicle to provide this understanding.

In this paper we describe:

  • What Business Intelligence is, identify key terms and concepts, and further develop why the time is right for the nonprofit sector to seek the value that can be gained.
  • The ground work needed prior to effective implementation of a BI solution. We will begin to explore strategy, business alignment, and technical needs that precede such an effort.
  • A collection of tools available on the market today. The range of solutions provided is intended to provide some initial guidance on price-point, complexity, and experience in the nonprofit sector.


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