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Blackbaud’s BBCON Conference came and went this year, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t impress! From October 1st to October 9th there were 4,535 #BBCON tweets talking about everything from the keynote speakers, the introduction of RENXT, raising money for Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee and Phil Vasser.

We’ve analyzed all 4,535 tweets and here’s our social recap of #BBCON.

#BBCON Day 1

Blackbaud started the conference off right with a keynote from RJ Mitte, who was in Breaking Bad. Throughout the whole day, there were 1449 total tweets. But as you can see from the graph below, attendees LOVED the keynote and couldn’t keep from tweeting about it the morning of #bbcon:
#bbcon Day 1 tweets

Looking at the peak of the graph, you can see attendees were excited about the keynote and learning more about RJ Mitte:
#bbcon day 1 morning trends

We took a look at all 1,449 tweets, and these were the top tweeters for #bbcon day 1:
Top Tweeters day 1 #bbcon

Those top tweeters include:
@linkdy21inky tweeted 42 times
@blackbaud tweeted 37 times
@noshmaven tweeted 35 times
@rachelhutchssn tweeted 30 times and
@whipplehill tweeted 27 times on #bbcon Day 1.

#BBCON Day 2

There were 2,029 total tweets during day 2. #bbcon saw attendees tweeting the morning sessions away with peaks during the morning sessions and again at the Phil Vasser concert that night:
#bbcon Day 2 tweets

What were they so excited about in the morning? Blackbaud announced #ReNXT!
#bbcon morning trends

So, who were the most mentioned usernames? @Blackbaud was the number one with everyone excitedly tweeting about #ReNXT:
Top Mentioned Usernames day 2 #bbcon

#BBCON Day 3

#BBCON day 3 was a bit slower with only 520 tweets, but attendees were still quite excited during the morning sessions:
#bbcon Day 3 tweets

Here’s the top retweeted usernames during #BBCON day 3. @Blackbaud and @fundchat sure were tweeting about popular subjects:
Top Retweeted Usernames day 3 #bbcon


While #bbcon was mentioned 4,535 times during the conference, #renxt came in second with over 300 tweets! People can’t wait to get their hands on #renxt at their nonprofit organizations. Here’s the rest of the most popular hashtags used this week:
Hashtags for #bbcon 2014

Social Media Give Back Campaign

Again, Blackbaud selected a nonprofit to donate money to and this year they selected the local, Nashville nonprofit Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee.

Now that BBCON is over, we will be listening to the tweets coming from Dreamforce #DF14 next week, stay tuned for our daily analysis!

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