#bbcon Day 3 Social Snapshot

Yesterday was the final day of Blackbaud’s #bbcon conference in DC. As sessions were winding down and the exhibition hall was closing, we definitely saw fewer tweets. There were only 2,144 tweets mentioning #bbcon yesterday, but that brings the grand total of tweets from Sunday to Tuesday to over 8,500! Thanks again to Blackbaud for donating a $1/tweet to a local DC charity.

The speakers mentioned the most on Tuesday were @JimZBuildOn with 72 mentions during his keynote, @TedHart with 52 mentions and @billconnorscfre with 45 mentions during his #retrickygifts session.

At the last minute, Ted’s session was pushed back:

However not everyone got the memo:

Looks like many people enjoyed his session Online Strategies, Tools & Trade Secrets once it did take place, judging by the tweets.

By far the most tweeted session yesterday was #60tests60minutes with 236 tweets! There were many great takeaways from that session and sounds like everyone left ready to start A/B testing their emails, websites and direct mail strategies.

The most retweeted users were @MRCampaigns, @Scottgilman and @xocitl (who was our top tweeter yesterday) with 50 retweets, 42 and 41 respectively. Here’s one of the gems that @MRCampaigns shared during #60tests60mins:

Sounds like every had a great time, met some inspiring people and are ready to get back to their nonprofit ready to rock this week! We’d love to hear any takeaways you have from #bbcon. Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s great to see the organizations that are using Blackbaud tools are getting the attention from the conference. Great way to get in front of people.

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