#bbcon Day 1 Social Snapshot

The attendees at #bbcon have been busy tweeting away during the first day! Hope you brought your chargers and are ready for day two.

Yesterday we saw 3,051 tweets with #bbcon. Thanks to @Blackbaud, that is a lot of money going to National Children’s Museum.

When we break dow the tweets by hour, looks like everyone really enjoyed the general session and especially @WreathsAcross’s emotional speech.

#bbcon tweets by the hour on Day 1

The most mentioned words of the day echo the graph above that the most tweeted session was the general session. You can see there were many tweets about the #impactawards and Wreaths Across America’s speaker Karen Worcester. 680 of the 3,051 tweets came in from 4 to 5 pm ET. Hope everyone enjoyed the tweetup as well!

#bbcon most mentioned words on Day 1

Now let’s get down to the most mentioned usernames yesterday. Topping the list was @blackbaud, but following closely were speakers @amyrsward with 57 mentions and @marcapitman who tied with @wreathsacross for 54 mentions each.

Blackbaud's #bbcon most mentioned handles on Day 1

Many of the sessions have their own hashtags and the most mentioned session yesterday was, not surprisingly, the Social Media Police’s session #bbconpopo with 245 tweets! #Taworkshop was also popular with just under 100 tweets followed by #bbcongeorge with 60 tweets during the day.

Who will top the most mentions on Day 2? Find out tomorrow and don’t forget to sign up below to receive our final recap after #bbcon.

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    Agreed. These social snapshots are a very helpful way to summarize the social media activity.

  2. Really like this snapshot, it helps a lot to understand what is going on each day.

  3. Great to see so many active voices in the stream. I’m looking forward to seeing how each day evolves.

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