Is Your Nonprofit Organization Conversion Ready?

nonprofit conversion CRM implementation
As your nonprofit prepares for a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) implementation that will involve a fundraising system conversion, it is important to consider the qualities that describe an organization that is prepared for such a project. We’ve compiled a list of qualities that you can use as a self-assessment to identify and plan for preparation activities.

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How to Manage Your Salesforce Reports

How to manage Salesforce Reports

Databases are fantastic because you put data in once and pull it out many times for many purposes. A common frustration is the inability to retrieve data with ease and confidence, when this frustration is present, user adoption usually tanks. After all, what’s the point of entering data if it can’t be accessed later?

This happened at my old job; we invested in a great Salesforce database, designed it to our specifications, and were thrilled to finally have a tool to capture our data. We started entering data. Soon management wanted a piece of the action and started requesting reports of how much, how many, when, what frequency, where… and we couldn’t confidently or consistently provide the answers. You can imagine how it looked when two people provided different responses to the same question. From there it went downhill quickly… “Why do we even have Salesforce, at least with our old spreadsheets…”

Are you experiencing a similar situation? Well, luckily our solution is repeatable across organizations…

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The Power of Picklist Fields

Power of Picklist Fields

The first time I created a Salesforce database I wanted each picklist field to include the option “other”. I think it’s the American Social Worker in me… I didn’t want anyone to feel limited or to disallow individuality. Luckily I had a great mentor who explained that we should almost never include “other” as a picklist value; instead, we should have a well-defined set of choices that cover all relevant options.

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