bbcon 2014 – Are You Going?

BBCON 2014 logo

bbcon is fast approaching! If you are attending (or are still lobbying your boss for the green light to go), here’s a quick whip of the event, how The Connected Cause is participating and where you can see Firefly in action!

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EZ Project Debrief Process

project debrief

Hooray! You finally made it to the finish line of your latest online project. The project was big and daunting and you feel like you just completed an Ironman triathlon. You swam through the choppy budget waters without drowning, rode past all those deadline checkpoints, and somehow managed to run to the finish line just in time for launch.

By the time you cross that finish line you probably just want to collapse in exhaustion and forget it ever happened. But just like a good post-race routine that helps your body recover and prepare for the next race, your project needs a proper debrief process. Taking 60 minutes to do a quick and simple project debrief will help you get to the finish line at the next race stronger, faster, and with less challenges.

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Write Me, Call Me, Text Me: Use Your Nonprofit Marketing Channels to Connect With Each Generation

Nonprofit Marketing to Generations
It’s a common nonprofit marketing and communication challenge – how do I make sure that my content is resonating with my audience? All verticals, all sizes, all levels of sophistication – we all struggle with the big three:

  • Best Use of Modern Communication Channels
  • Supporter Conversion
  • Effective Testing

In our recent Integrated Marketing Advisory Board’s (IMAB) Virtual Conference session, Mark Rovner, Kerrie Goughnour & I teamed up to review the latest data on generational giving. We also walked through a compelling case study focused on millennials and presented some gen-specific tactics you may want to use at your organization. You can view a recording of the whole shebang here.

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Here Comes The Future: Are You Ready?


Ay yay yay – it’s almost the end of March! Remember that pledge you took as you cleared your desk for some holiday time off? Your cup full of eggnog, your fist raised to the sky as you said “It’s going to be different in 2014! We are going to focus on doing the right things for our online engagement programs! We’re going to plan, collaborate and use data to drive programmatic decision-making!”

How’s that working out for you so far? I feel your pain – it’s tough to remain proactive in a reactive world. No matter what is making you feel stuck, there are a few things that will help you get a bit of traction today. You might be an Accidental Techie and aren’t really sure where to start. Maybe you’re a thinker and a planner and know what to do but you need stakeholder buy-in. Perhaps you’re faced with lots of online priorities and a limited budget.

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Heading to bbcon? Let’s Meet Up!

Blackbaud’s bbcon 2013 is almost upon us – and several of the Connected Cause companies will be there. We appreciate industry conferences like these because they give us the opportunity to plug into some of the best thinking in the nonprofit space. bbcon 2013 will be held from Sunday, September 29th through Tuesday, October 1st at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel & Convention Center.
Both Firefly Partners & Heller Consulting will be attending this year’s bbcon.

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