CRM, a Change Campaign: You’re Done. Now What?

CRM, a Change Campaign: you’re done, now what?

You are done?! Yes, “live” on your CRM! Now what? You want to be more than just “technically” live on CRM – you want people using it in targeted, high-value ways that grow your business.

Today’s topic is your “post go live” operations and process. First, though you should have all this outlined, resourced, communicated weeks before go live. In fact, to be most effective, create your staffing plan and process for post-implementation before you even begin your CRM project. With the proper resources in place, you can achieve practical success (in addition to technical success) through proper communications and expectations management.

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CRM, a Change Campaign: Shine in the Light in Public!

CRM, a Change Campaign - part-2CRM implementation should be modeled like a fundraising campaign – a CRM deployment is not all boring techie geek stuff; it really an excuse to modernize and change your entire business. And like fundraising, a CRM campaign has phases: a silent phase, a public phase and “done but let’s talk about what’s next.”

Today’s topic is the public phase. First, you should create a communications plan bearing in mind that you can and will adjust as you go along. Be flexible. You want to get buy-in from your various stakeholders and end users at the onset and as you go along; if you need to change your communications, do it. You have to be part of the change management yourself.

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CRM, a Change Campaign: from Seeds to Flowers

CRM Change Campaign
A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) deployment is an excuse to change your entire business. Change is a noun and a verb.

There is a psychology to inspiring change and numerous needlessly too-complex definitions of change; the bottom line is, even in CRM-Land, change is relationship management that works toward a goal your business defines. It should not be viewed as another I.T. geek out project with Gantt charts and spreadsheets.

Your change strategy – you are changing your business – is essentially a campaign with a silent phase, a public phase, an all-too brief celebration, and then you start anew.

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CRM & ROI? There is no RETURN…CRM doesn’t raise $, people do!


As you enter the initial phases of getting your CRM project investment funded by senior management and your board, a dialogue that will inevitably come up is “what is the ROI?” Wouldn’t it be nice to purloin from those MasterCard ads – priceless – and be done with it? This is the final in a 3-part series, “A complete CRM vision” – designed to help you plan your CRM.

In July and August respectively, I covered “From beginning-to-end staffing models” and “Don’t adopt a CRM” also important to consider during planning.

But today’s topic is ROI.

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A Complete CRM Vision: Don’t adopt CRM: Make Your Own Lines

complete crm vision

As your organization prepares for a CRM deployment, DO NOT discuss an adoption strategy; it’s the wrong conversation. Rather you should define and agree upon what constitutes CRM use and then make those processes mandatory. This is second in a 3-part series, “A complete CRM vision” – designed to help you plan your CRM.

  1. On July 21, I covered “From beginning-to-end staffing models
  2. CRM ROI. Stay tuned, this will be the final post – it will not be what you expect
  3. How to define what constitutes CRM use, today’s topic.
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