CRM Governance – Donors are Eggstra Special!

CRM Governance

A CRM deployment requires its own relationship management strategy. You may have separate entities each having their own spreadsheets, databases and rules. Having all this information in one place, your new CRM, means that you have to discuss governance. By this, I mean governance of data management (what users can do what to the records), governance of the donor (who “owns” the donor) and governance of business process (which department wins).

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CRM Fitness -What’s the Nutritional Value of Your Data?

CRM Fitness, - What's The Nutritional Value of Your Data?

Like cupcakes vs. blueberries, not all data are of equal nutritional value. And like the pull of a plate of cupcakes, organizations often say they want to know “everything about everyone.” The CRM itself reinforces this “must-fill-in-record” temptation visually – through empty fields! That said, an animal welfare organization likely doesn’t need to know that I’m a left-handed.

Your CRM can capture a seemingly unlimited amount of dimensions about a constituent – like I’m a lefty and wear black socks – but it doesn’t mean it should. As you work through a new CRM, consider data and data management. It’s a perfect time to get fit.

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CRM, Go Live Day – Be Pacific

CRM, Go Live Day - Be Pacific

You’re live on your new CRM. All that work, leading to this moment. Like landing at warm and sunny locale in February. Or, for you winter lovers, hopping off the gondola at the top of the mountain and putting on those skis.

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CRM, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)…Unite All Teams (UAT)

CRM, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)...Unite All Teams (UAT)

And yet another acronym – UAT. User Acceptance Testing. It sounds so brainwashy. Let’s change that attitude and, while we’re at it, the words behind the acronym. The purpose of UAT is for end-users to take a look at new but-not-final system. That said, it’s much more than a series of scripts and tests; it’s an opportunity to Unite All Teams. UAT, that’s much better.

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CRM, Requirements Gathering – Not a Snooze-A-Palooza!

CRM, Requirements Gathering---Not a Snooze-A-Palooza!

Requirements gathering, that is “what business processes do you want to emulate in your CRM” or in more lay terms, “what does your business want to DO” is really a targeted conversation about how your organization wants to move forward with constituent engagement.

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