SF1 for Nonprofits: Highlight on Communities

SF1 for Nonprofits: Highlight on Communities

If you’ve been following the news about Salesforce1 for Nonprofits lately, you know that “Engage and Strengthen Communities” is one of the four pillars of this new strategy, and the focus of the Salesforce Foundation’s first Solution Kit.

At Idealist Consulting we recently featured Salesforce Communities in our Emerging Solutions webinar series, and wanted to share some of the highlights from that webinar. Whether you’re contemplating Communities or currently have a Portals solution and are curious if it’s worth it to migrate over to Communities, hopefully you will find something helpful.

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3 Quick Salesforce1 Wins for Nonprofits

Salesforce1 Wins for Nonprofit Organizations

There was a recent Power of Us Hub survey that is a good reflection of how the nonprofit community has been talking about Salesforce1. Posted in the Salesforce1 Collaboration Group, it asked what is Salesforce1 anyway? An app? A set of APIs? A new UI? Or a mobile application platform? The answer, of course, was “all of the above.” Salesforce developers are working fast and furiously to optimize for mobile – there are just 33 “Salesforce1-ready” apps on the AppExchange today but there are undoubtedly many more creative ideas coming out soon.

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8 Reasons to Attend the NPO Engagement Party at #14NTC

NPO Engagement Party

We all know that the best part of any conference are the connections you make: those chance encounters in the Starbucks line or the hotel bar. Your days are packed with high-quality content and inspiring speakers, but at the end of the day it is those kindred spirits you meet in our zany nonprofit technology community that you will remember.

This is what Idealist Consulting’s Nonprofit Engagement Party is all about. It’s happening March 13 in DC during the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference. The Connected Cause is back as a sponsor, and all nonprofit organizations are invited (but space is limited, so RSVP soon).

Here are our top reasons to attend the #NPOEngagementParty:

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Things to Consider When Selecting an Email Solution for your Organization

Things to Consider When Selecting an Email Solution for your Organization Image

There is a very distinct tone to the part of a conversation where we ask clients about their email solution. The conversation is typically going along at a nice clip, sprinkled with exciting visions of all the ways a CRM implementation can improve their organization, then as soon as we ask, “So, what are you using for a mass email solution? Does it work for you?” the conversation starts to skid.

Almost no one loves their Email Service Provider (ESP). They all have tradeoffs – free but ugly templates, user-friendly but poor CRM integration, etc. However, we have found that asking several smart questions before you choose or change ESP can go a long way toward future satisfaction.

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Salesforce Basics for the Accidental Admin Webinar

Accidental Admin Salesforce Webinar by Idealist Consulting

This time of year is all about dreaming big for the year ahead. At Idealist Consulting, a common thread in our 2014 goals is to both teach and learn more. Lofty goals indeed, but it just so happens that they fit in beautifully with a very concrete training: we’ll be offering our popular webinar, “Salesforce Basics for the Accidental Admin” every quarter in 2014, with the first course coming up January 22-23. Register now to learn how you can apply the native functionality of the Nonprofit Starter Pack to better leverage Salesforce at your organization.

We all know that an educated client is a better client – it’s why any consulting firm worth their salt will spend a great deal of time asking questions and making sure you’re comfortable with your shiny new technical solution. A lot of these conversations have to be customized to your organization and your business processes.

Over the years, however, we’ve also noticed that most nonprofits have a couple “Accidental Admins” – those brave souls who work in Salesforce on a daily basis and have been soldiering through but never really got basic training on how it all fits together. This course is focused on native functionality of the Nonprofit Starter Pack and there’s no better place to get your footing.

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