Aim Low, Do Less, Shoot for Mediocrity – 3 Things to do When Your Software is Crushing You

Aim Low, Do Less, Shoot for Mediocrity

I’m not being ironic with this title. You’re not about to read a blog post that in the end exhorts you to dream the impossible dream and aim for the stars. When I say “aim low” I mean it. Sometimes middle-of-the-road is a worthy and reasonable goal. When you’re struggling daily with your systems, just being middle of the pack would be an improvement. And before you go feeling bad about it, take it from someone who has seen hundreds of organizations – every organization has been there at some point. Some organizations have never been anywhere else! Clawing our way out of the software quagmire. So if that’s where you are, what can you do?

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Common Ground Discontinued… Change Happens.



The last week brought substantial news for those of us engaged in helping nonprofits with their CRM and fundraising systems.  Blackbaud announced the end of development, and eventually support, for the Common Ground application they purchased in the Convio acquisition.

Discontinuing Common Ground has a major impact, first and foremost for the hundreds of organizations already using the system.  Many have recently adopted the product, often after a lengthy search and implementation process.  Many of the organizations are smaller and have limited time and resources to implement another product in the next 18 months (before March 2014, when support for Common Ground is scheduled to end).  We consultants who serve these types of organizations are developing services and providing resources to help nonprofits make this transition, but this will only soften the landing – the leap will still be required.

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Why NOW is the right time for nonprofits to put CRM back on their radar


Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is a hot topic in the nonprofit sector, and with good reason: When implemented correctly, it can help a nonprofit address a serious problem — disparate data scattered across multiple systems requiring tremendous staff effort to rein it all in. It also can support a nonprofit’s most important initiatives — engaging constituents more effectively to support and spread its mission.

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Nonprofit CRM – What’s it to ya?






In our just-released study on trends in nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), the most challenging of the nine questions we asked nonprofits was undoubtedly, “What is your organization’s definition of CRM?”  It’s a challenging question for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a big topic that can cover a lot of territory
  2. It’s a relatively new topic in the nonprofit sector, and we’re all finding our way in it
  3. It’s specific to each organization. As each organization culls through the possibilities, ideally they’ll land on what’s important to them.
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