Your Software Troubles – 3 Things You Can Do Now

Your software troubles, 3 things you can do now!

A lot of folks who participate in our CRMready Workshop say “Great vision, we want to get there, but we can’t just yet.  My systems are killing me, what can I do NOW?”  It doesn’t have to be an either/or answer.  What you do to solve your immediate problems can also be your first steps on the path to CRM.  So where to start?

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Nonprofit Improves Processes, Reporting, and Efficiency with Move to New CRM System

Human-Services Case Study

Processes evolve. Needs change. And, it’s not uncommon for nonprofits to find that their old donor database or other Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system — which once met their needs — can no longer support them.

But, once the big decision is made to move to a new system, there are still considerations: How do you safely move your valuable constituent data into the new system? How do you set up the new system to support new, more efficient processes and give staff members access to the data they need? What do staff members need to know about using the new system? By addressing these considerations, nonprofits can ensure they see the expected benefits of their new technology.

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8 Steps to Salesforce Success

8 Steps to Salesforce Success

Clients often ask us what can they do to help contribute to Salesforce success and a smooth and effective deployment. After 7 years and 700 plus projects we came up with eight general requirements for project success:

Listen to your Consultant

Client should follow the consultant’s advisement in implementing technology and changing business processes within scope. If client make changes without consent from consultant, it places the consultant in a reactive mode instead of executive mode. This interferes with project planning and methodology and may even force major adjustments to the project.

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Does a Checkbox Give You Accurate Data? [Tech Tips]

Does a checkbox give you accurate data

To checkbox or not to checkbox, that is the question. Checkboxes have many advantages, especially for system administrators. They are generally the fastest and easiest fields to create, and they are preferred when creating field dependencies, formulas, and workflows. They also facilitate quick data entry and make reporting easy. But do they really give you accurate data?

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Access the Wealth Within – Uncovering Talent and Utilizing Technology

Access the Wealth Within - by Avectra

In her work with nonprofits Amy Quinn often refers to the “New Normal”. She believes, and has personally witnessed, how leveraging technology and the solutions and innovation it offers, can help organizations achieve higher levels of success.

In her Avectra blog post “The Wealth Within”, Amy urges organizations to focus less on what they don’t have, or can’t afford, and instead look within to uncover untapped resources and talent to bring innovation to their programs.

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