Benefits for Nonprofits using the Salesforce Platform

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits
Salesforce has been a force (pun intended) in the nonprofit sector for a decade, but in recent years they’ve seen accelerated adoption, by both nonprofit organizations and software vendors developing solutions for nonprofits. Having multiple choices of Applications allows a greater number of nonprofits to use in a way that functions according to their needs — ranging from supporting a robust membership model to the ability to track government grants.

Through the Foundation, grants nonprofits 10 free licenses, and provides significant discounts on additional licenses and features. This can be an attractive offer for nonprofits looking to mitigate the maintenance costs of their existing software. However, there are ongoing costs for user licenses and data storage that should be taken into account when considering a move to

That said, offers attractive benefits. Following are some of these benefits in several key areas, as well as areas that require some extra evaluation when considering a move to the platform.

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A Long-Term Fundraising Solution with a New CRM System

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A fundraising solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. As a nonprofit evolves and grows, often its processes change, too. Processes might become more complex and more unique to that specific organization. While the nonprofit’s fundraising system may be able to keep pace with the changes, eventually the organization may simply outgrow its system and need to find one that better meets its needs today and in the future.

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Best Practices for Selecting Applications for Salesforce

Best Practices for Selection Applications for Saleforce

One question we are asked all the time is: What is the top App you recommend to do [Insert Need Here] on Salesforce? Where do you go for [Insert Need Here]? This can be mass emailing, volunteer management, merging duplicate records or any number of the things our clients need to do every day. And oh, what a world this would be if we could tell you we had a secret (or not so secret) list of our very best favorites for everything. If we did, we’d probably sell it on eBay, head to the Caribbean for a year, come back next year and see what’s new.

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Interview with a CRM Expert: Business Intelligence

Interview with a CRM Expert: Business Intelligence

This post is an abridged version of an article that originally appeared on npENGAGE.

I’m so excited to kick off my “Interview with a CRM Expert Series” and particularly pumped that we get to start with one of my favorite topics: BI, a.k.a. Business Intelligence. Today’s featured guest is Jay Nathan, Director of Platform Product Management at Blackbaud. Jay brings more than 12 years of experience in software, CRM and business intelligence with more than seven years working directly with nonprofits of all sizes. Jay also frequently blogs about topics such as software product development, entrepreneurship, books, and the wonders of the digital age.

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Benefits of a CRM

Benefits of CRM

You know what a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system is (if not, go brush up on it here), but now you want to go further and see what it can do for you and your organization. Lucikly for you, we just finished our CRMready Webinar series where Keith Heller talked about everything from what CRM is, how to plan for the implementation of a CRM system, best practices for implementing technology and more. These benefits of a CRM for nonprofits listed below were taken directly from the first CRMready webinar available here.

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