CMS Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

CMS Platforms: A Guide for Nonprofits

Technology is always advancing. Sometimes we can keep pace, often it races ahead of us. Constituents and donors are increasingly savvy and have higher expectations of the organizations they choose to support. Mobile devices provide access to unlimited information 24/7. Your organization’s Content Management System (CMS) is likely your front door for a potential supporter.

Every bit and byte of your online ecosystem needs to be mobile friendly, user friendly, fast, relevant, and geared toward conversion. And ideally the data you collect ties right back into your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system – allowing you to provide the kind of customized constituent experience that creates long-term loyalty and value for your organization.

More than ever before, this kind of experience is possible for organizations of all sizes and missions. Modern nonprofit leaders understand that their website is not an afterthought – it can be used as a powerful tool to meet strategic business goals.

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Getting Buy-In for Your Nonprofit’s Constituent Centered Strategy

Getting buy-in for a constituent centered strategy

Putting the constituent at the center of your organization may be a goal for your nonprofit in 2014, as you understand that building a deeper relationship with your supporters is key, but where do you start? We’ve covered how to define goals and develop a plan, but just as important as those steps are getting buy-in from your board and executives. Without the support internally, it will be incredibly difficult to move forward externally with your constituents.

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How to Get User-Generated Content From Supporters

How to Get User-Generated Content From Supporters

Content Marketing has been increasingly at the top of mind for many marketing professionals, but how do you generate so much content? It isn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much! Luckily for nonprofit organizations out there, your donors, volunteers and supporters can all help you with this problem. How do you get this content from them? Fernando Labastida, a content strategist with Kimbia, has outlined some ideas on to help you get user generated content from your supporters.

Nonprofits must think about differentiating their content from the mass of generic content being generated. Writing one more blog post about how your cause is helping in so many wonderful ways is not going to cut it – well at least not like it did three years ago. Nonprofits have a great story to tell, but how can you stand out in a crowded field of generic content marketing? By tapping into that wellspring of stories each one of your supporters and beneficiaries have.

Though we all want to tap into the raw, emotional stories that can drive a fundraising campaign, help recruit volunteers and tell your unique story, you have to be well organized about how you generate and use content directly from your beneficiaries and supporters.

Fernando has identified three steps to help you ease your constituents into an escalating cascade of user-generated content. These steps are outlined below:

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Salesforce Tech Tips Roundup

Salesforce Tech Tips

Over the last year, we’ve published many posts designed to help you get the most out of your nonprofit organization’s Salesforce instance. These Salesforce tech tips cover everything from the basics, to selecting which data structure is right for your organization, to outlining the functions of different nonprofit applications and much more. Below we’ve also included some general constituent relationship management (CRM) system tips that aren’t specific to Salesforce, but are useful, nonetheless.

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Tips for Freshening Up Your Website

Tips for Freshening up Your Nonprofit Organization's Website

New Year, New You! That seems to be the mantra going around right now, doesn’t it? Why not take the time to evaluate your website to make sure you are putting your organization’s best foot forward, because when it comes to your website, first impressions really do count! You have to entice your visitors to respond to your call to actions and keep coming back for more. You also have to grab their attention, but then be sure to follow through with some fresh content. And while it may be a little early for an official spring cleaning, why not take advantage of the new year to freshen up your website. The tips below are courtesy of Lori Halley of Wild Apricot and were originally posted on

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