Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits [Tech Tips]

Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits

As the leading Cloud-based CRM solution, is a powerful, flexible system for handling your nonprofit’s data and processes. It’s so powerful and flexible, in fact, that the possibilities for its use can seem endless; it can be helpful to have a few places to turn to for advice and answers to your questions.

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Streamlined Databases + Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

Streamlined Database and Processes Plus Training Can Make Your Development Team More Effective

You’re ready to ramp up your fundraising efforts, but you’re concerned that your donor database isn’t up for the task. Sound familiar?

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Using CRM and a Narwhal Effectively

This is not the narwhal of which we speak.

One night when I was discussing databases with a friend at a bar (yes, this really does happen in San Francisco) he mentioned “Narwhal,” the database the Obama reelection team created to keep track of supporters for the 2012 election. Later that evening I did some research and discovered two interesting facts: (1) narwhals actually do exist (they’re a type of whale), and (2) the database that the Obama campaign named after this sea beast was the basis of a CRM system and strategy so sophisticated that the campaign raised $2.4 million in ONE DAY through a single, well-researched, well-executed email.

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Join Heller Consulting for the Get CRMready Webinar Series

Get CRMready - The nonprofit CRM readiness webinar

CRMready is a FREE webinar series about overcoming scattered data, siloed technology, and fragmented processes to better engage your constituents.

You communicate with lots of supporters, but struggle to keep up with all of their information. You spend more time wrestling with your databases and other technology than engaging with your constituents. You have great ideas for serving your constituents better, but your nonprofit’s systems and processes are slowing you down.

Sound familiar? Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) can help!


Join us for this 3-webinar series, and find out:

  • What CRM is, why it’s important, and how you can make the case for it at your nonprofit
  • How to plan the right approach to CRM for your organization
  • Best practices for implementing processes and technology that enable you to be more responsive and effective in serving and engaging your constituents

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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