Executive Leadership in a CRM Initiative – A Q&A with Barry Finestone from JCCSF

Executive Leadership in a CRM Initiative

There are many factors to a successful Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) initiative — not the least of which is executive leadership. We recently sat down with Barry Finestone, Executive Director at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (JCCSF) to get his thoughts about the role of executive leadership in a CRM initiative.

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What It Means to Be a Salesforce MVP

What is Means to Be a Salesforce MVP

This month, I became a Salesforce MVP. I’m extremely honored. And excited.

Here’s why: Salesforce created the MVP program to recognize standouts in the Salesforce community for their leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions. Being selected as an MVP puts me in the company of some amazingly talented people (many of whom I have admired for years!) who are sharing their expertise and lessons learned by answering questions, writing blogs, leading user groups, sharing best practices, and more – all to help each other, and the entire Salesforce community, use one of the most effective and efficient tools available for CRM.

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Get CRMready, Part 2: Planning Ahead

Get CRMready Part 2: Planning Ahead

The Get CRMready nonprofit CRM readiness workshop continued this week with webinar two of the three-webinar series. Lisa Fay Wellek, National Director of JDRF, joined Keith Heller, CEO of Heller Consulting, to talk about planning ahead and preparing for a successful implementation of a CRM strategy and system.

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5 Signs Your Nonprofit’s CRM System and Processes Need Streamlining

5 Signs Your Nonprofit CRM System Needs Streamlining

Do you ever get the feeling that your donor database or CRM system is slowing you down? You might think it’s time to throw it out and start from scratch with a new system. But, in reality, you may just need to streamline the way you use it.

Here are five telltale signs that your nonprofit’s CRM system and processes need streamlining:

1. Producing accurate reports and mailing lists is impossible

At Heller Consulting, our approach is to use the native features of a system to develop outputs, such as reports and mailing lists, that can be generated by all users. This requires that your codes and data be organized logically to allow for accurate reporting and mailing list generation using standard system functionality. The following situations are signs that your codes and data are not organized in a way that supports accurate list building or reporting and should be cleaned and streamlined:

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Nonprofit Leverages Salesforce.com for More Accurate, Efficient Grant Management

Nonprofit Leverages Salesforce.com for More Efficient Grant Management

Your nonprofit may have data and processes from one program running smoothly, while another program just isn’t as efficient. This isn’t unusual. And, it makes sense: It’s nearly impossible for nonprofits to tackle consolidating data and streamlining processes across the entire organization, all at once.

But, with a CRM system like Salesforce.com in place, nonprofits have a single platform for managing all of their data and processes, and can add to it as needed.

Here’s an example: Heller Consulting helped Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) move their grant management data and processes from inefficient spreadsheets and email into their existing Salesforce.com system.

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