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Advancement Connect

Colleges and universities across the nation have been struggling to break down data silos between departments and work collaboratively. No technology was up to the task of handling the complexities of interdepartmental relationships while providing a “360-degree view” of each constituent until now. Advancement Connect is the core fundraising element in the Salesforce for Advancement family, and was developed to support Higher Education institutions as they engage with their alumni through traditional, contemporary, and emerging channels.

The Connected Campus is a unifying platform for engaging with Students and Alumni throughout the Campus Lifecycle. From the first time a potential applicant shows interest in an institution, through the admissions process, while they are a student, and after becoming an alumni, the Connected Campus platform allows colleges and universities to leverage technology to develop deep, personalized and meaningful relationships.

Download Heller Consulting’s detailed white paper, Salesforce’s Connected Campus and Advancement Connect, to find out what Advancement Connect can provide for your institution and understand more of this new offering in the Salesforce for Advancement family.

Topics include:

  • Detailed Giving Summaries
  • Workflow and Validation Rules
  • Constituent Badges
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Online Donation Forms
  • Credit Card Processing


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Emma Shipley

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I have always held a passion for community involvement, fundraising, and volunteering, which has brought me in touch with a number of nonprofit organizations. During my time at Indiana University, I worked with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network to connect citizens with their ideal volunteer experience while promoting volunteerism in the community. In addition, I spent the summer of 2012 working as a mentor for adolescent girls ages 5-15 at Girls, Incorporated of Monroe County. I received my degree in Journalism with a focus in Marketing and Visual Communications. In my free time, I enjoy live music, visiting farmer’s markets, trying new recipes, and exploring Chicago.

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