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Advancement Connect

Advancement Connect has leapfrogged both the Nonprofit Starter Pack and traditional advancement applications to become the long-awaited “next generation” solution that eliminates data silos, provides the much-desired “360-degree view” of constituents, and drives increased engagement and fundraising. Salesforce is a top choice for higher education institutions because of the combination of unparalleled success of the CRM platform and the significant investment that the Salesforce Foundation has made to leverage that platform in support of nonprofits’ success. When you’re ready to make the move to Salesforce and Advancement Connect, there are a number of things we want to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of, ten of which are listed in Heller Consulting’s white paper, Salesforce’s Connected Campus and Advancement Connect. Today we will be going over Ease of Access and Viewing.

Probably one of the most well-known attributes of Salesforce is that it is cloud-based, which means all any user needs to access it is a web browser. Salesforce is optimized for use from any computer or mobile device. This accessibility has been a terrific boon to fundraisers and others who are constantly on the go. Gone are the days of creaky remote connections and read-only mobile access (if any mobile access was available at all) to the CRM/advancement system. Now advancement professionals can look up records, make their call/visit notes, and review reports and dashboards whenever they need to, wherever they are.

Another feature that gets high marks is the ease of viewing all information about a contact, a household, or an organization on one customizable screen. Want to see the giving history first thing? No problem. Maybe updating activities and relationships is where you spend most of your time? Those parts of the record can be placed at the top of the screen, and pieces of information that you don’t look at very often can be placed further down, or hidden from view. This makes using the system on a daily basis faster and more efficient for all users.

For more information download Heller Consulting’s free white paper, Salesforce’s Connected Campus and Advancement Connect.

Download the free white paper!
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