A Long-Term Fundraising Solution with a New CRM System

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A fundraising solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. As a nonprofit evolves and grows, often its processes change, too. Processes might become more complex and more unique to that specific organization. While the nonprofit’s fundraising system may be able to keep pace with the changes, eventually the organization may simply outgrow its system and need to find one that better meets its needs today and in the future.

That’s where San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) was. The organization had customized its fundraising system to keep up with its processes — so much so that the vendor would no longer support it. At the same time, SFAF wanted to streamline its processes and integrate its fundraising system with its online marketing system. Staff members began questioning how stable its fundraising system would be in the future, and whether or not it could meet their needs long-term.

The solution? Heller Consulting helped San Francisco AIDS Foundation move its data into a new CRM system that integrates with SFAF’s online system, and also configured the new system to support more optimized processes.

Following are some of the results:

  • An integrated system — SFAF now has an integrated online/offline system that supports its processes and annual AIDS Life Cycle peer-to-peer fundraising event, and can be more efficiently managed long-term.
  • More efficient processes — The organization has more streamlined processes that are well-documented and supported by a solid CRM system.
  • Effective solution for peer-to-peer fundraising — SFAF can more efficiently and effectively manage logistics for its annual event, which involves thousands of cyclists, volunteers, and peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Find out more: Download the San Francisco AIDS Foundation case study here.


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