7 Reasons Salesforce1 is Better than Air Force One

Salesforce1 is landing in Washington, DC. I’ve had a blast telling people this over the last few weeks and hearing “The President’s plane always lands in Washington, DC.” I love it because then I get to explain this isn’t Air Force One, this is the Salesforce1 World Tour that is coming to DC, and in some ways it’s a lot better. Here’s 7 important reasons why:

  • Only a few very select people get to use Air Force One, but everybody can use Salesforce1. In fact, it’s getting easier and easier to use all the time.
  • Air Force One is a complex machine that takes a highly trained team to manage. Salesforce1 is designed so that organizations can quickly create new tools to deliver programs and services in whole new ways.
  • Air Force One cost billions of dollars to build and maintain. Salesforce1 can help your nonprofit raise more funds by breaking down data silos and helping nurture life-long donor relationships.
  • Air Force One is designed to make sure one person stays in touch with what’s going on. Salesforce1 is designed to keep ALL an organization’s constituents in touch and communicating more effectively.
  • Air Force One is usually isolated and parked far away from everyone. Salesforce1 helps strengthen communities and makes constituents feel part of a close network of supporters.
  • Air Force One helps the President travel, but it’s really just a glorified taxi. Salesforce1 is much more useful, and actually helps NGO’s spend less time on administration and deliver more quality services by eliminating cumbersome manual processes.
  • Air Force One is over 250 feet long, and weighs over 400,000 lbs. Salesforce1 works through the Salesforce Cloud, even on a mobile device that fits in your pocket, so it can connect you with your entire organization no matter where you go.

That’s some pretty amazing stuff if you ask me, and if you are still reading, I’m going to assume you want to find out more. The great news is it should be easy to catch the Salesforce1 World Tour in a city near you. In fact on May 29th, you’ll be able to catch up with the nonprofit-focused Innovation+SocialGood Event in Washington, DC and find out how forward thinking nonprofits like the United Nations Foundation and the American Red Cross are using Salesforce to raise more funds, communicate more effectively, strengthen their communities, and deliver programs and services like never before. Click here for more information and to reserve your spot before they are all gone.

Be sure to catch the discussion with representatives from the American Red Cross, Salesforce.com, and Heller Consulting’s Keith Heller as they talk about how to communicate more effectively using the powerful tools now available to nonprofit organizations. If you haven’t seen it, read this article about how the American Red Cross is utilizing social data to locate and direct help to people in disaster affected areas. It’s this type of thoughtful and strategic use of technology that will increase the effectiveness of future nonprofit organizations. Not every organization will need to use every new bit of technology, but every organization should investigate the new selection of tools that are available. The American Red Cross story shows that there are often things happening beyond our awareness, all we need to do to find them is listen.

Does your organization use Salesforce1? How have you used it? Let me know below, and I’ll see if I can connect it to my Air Force One storyline.

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For the past 20 years Bryan has focused on one goal: Create experiences that establish a relationship. Whether working on application and web interface design, health education portal program experiences, or direct mail relationship marketing, he designs a full experience that brings people in, makes them feel welcome, and let’s them interact with a program for a long-term relationship. He has worked in every step of the process from creative design and development, to strategy mapping and content creation, optimizing each component to contribute to the full vision.

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  1. Salesforce1 is THE world tour to catch this summer.

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