4 Tips for Planning your #GivingTuesday Campaign Now

4 #givingtuesday tips from StayClassy

Everyone might be getting excited now that Summer has finally arrived, but it is already time for your nonprofit organization to think about the holiday season! There are less than five months until #GivingTuesday and you need to start planning your campaign now!
To give some background on #GivingTuesday, it launched in 2012 and is already a big national philanthropic movement. According to Huffington Post, donors gave 90% more last year than in 2012. Gift sizes also increased in 2013 from $101.60 to $142.05! StayClassy has put together a great list of tips for you to try now to plan for #GivingTuesday this year and we’ve outlined their tips below.

Reach Out Now

While on #GivingTuesday your nonprofit may see a spike of donations, but by reaching out to your supporters before Tuesday can make a difference in the contributions leading up to the event.

You can even treat #GivingTuesday as a small peer-to-peer campaign and ask your loyal donors to set up fundraising pages early and share them with their friends and followers in the days and weeks leading up to Tuesday. By reaching out to them early and thanking them often, you’re showing them just how important they are to you and the community.

Communication Strategy

Coming up with a strategy now and deciding which communication channels you are focusing your efforts on will help you develop resources and additional pieces of media to support your strategy.

Preparing messaging and assets now for different social networks, newsletters, phone calls, blog posts, and e-mails will help your message be consistent across networks. Think about how your message will translate into each different medium and prepare a backlog of content to release as you hit different milestones leading up to #GivingTuesday.

Whether it’s a Hangout, interactive Tweet Chat, or an additional custom hashtag for your #GivingTuesday campaign, consider how you can implement different social tools to increase engagement with your supporters.


Content is still king and you’ll want to create assets like images for your Facebook cover photo and shareable images for Twitter and Facebook. Maybe now is the time to create that infographic you’ve been thinking about for months, or finish that video that you’ve been filming for years.

Reuse these assets on social sites, in emails but also make sure that these resources are available to all employees, volunteers and your loyal supporters. Encourage them all to share these assets with their networks.

Matching Partners

Setting up a donation matching program takes time to find sponsors and create messaging, so start now! Many donors feel a sense of urgency when they see their donation will be matched which motivates them to donate to you on #GivingTuesday.

Six months out is a great time to begin seeking out matching donors and sponsors that align with your brand, and who will help excite your supporters for #GivingTuesday. Consider pitching your #GivingTuesday campaign to private foundations, local businesses, or even major donors.

For more examples on successful #GivingTuesday campaigns from last year and additional tips on getting started now, see StayClassy’s full post on their blog.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, Monika! Very helpful and a great reminder to get started early.

  2. Susan Kenna Wright

    I totally agree with the other comments – thanks for the reminder to plan in advance.

  3. Brooke Belott

    Great ideas here, especially regarding planning out your content early. The actual day of Giving Tuesday goes by so quickly! There’s nothing worse than having a great idea at the last minute that you don’t have time to execute!

  4. It seems like it’s months away, but think of all the fun you’ll be having over the next few months and how quickly that time will fly. Start planning to take advantage of this great fundraising day and make the most of it for your organization. It’s worth the effort.

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