3 Ways to Prepare Up for Your Spring Fundraising Event

3 Ways to Prepare Up for Your Spring Fundraising Event

The days are getting longer, meaning it is time for the fundraising classic: the charity run/walk. The rising temperatures and New Year’s resolutions to get fit lend themselves perfectly to an active, outdoor event. Run/walks require a great deal of commitment, but research has found that events dependent on significant effort can increase willingness to contribute to a pro-social cause.

Although we are still dealing with the chilling cold and snow in most of the country, now is the time to get into gear for your organization’s upcoming run/walk or ride. StayClassy put together this list of easy things you can do to get started now.

Utilize the Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Events tend to have high overhead costs, so fundraising solely through registration fees can prove difficult. In recent years, many campaigns have reacted to this by asking their participants to fundraise in the time leading up to an event.

One way to do this is by having attendees pay the registration fee and also commit to raising a certain amount to gain entrance into the event, and because they can call on friends and family to supplement their own donation, runners can raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Barriers to incorporating the “fundraise for entry” model include having runners complete a time-consuming, multistep process to pay for registration and then create their fundraising page. Making this process as minimal as possible (the less steps, the better), is required to successfully incorporate peer-to-peer fundraising into your walk/run.

Get Creative

Although charity runs and walks have been held for decades, organizers are still finding new ways to make their event unique. Even if you keep the creativity relatively simple, you can spice things up with flashy mile-markers or have a costume contest for the participants. Anything that makes your event particularly memorable for participants can help keep them more engaged in the future.
It’s also not a bad idea to use timely holidays or pop culture for inspiration. The better you know your donors and supporter base, the easier it will be to come up with an engaging theme!

Delight Donors

Since delighting donors is equally as important as recruiting and thanking them, show your genuine appreciate for their support through action. Why not put on an after party to congratulate participants, e-mail out a special, interactive photo album of the event or allocate a part of your website to celebrating the run/walk’s participants?

These are some great tips from StayClassy on how your organization can start to gear up for your spring events now. For even more examples of how specific organizations have followed these tips, see the full post on StayClassy.org’s blog.


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  1. Susan – great tip to remember to ask about matching gifts! I also love the idea of a photo album! Who doesn’t love to take pictures at events like this!

  2. Susan Kenna Wright

    Always remember to ask your event participants to optimize any matching gifts from their employers and their friends’ employers.

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